Artists' Accessories

Artists' Accessories 

Finding the correct accessories is important for any artist. For that reason, we provide the very best supplies at low prices. Whether you're after palettes, manikins or aprons, we have everything you need. Check out our dazzling stock now.
  • Drawing Boards

    Our selection of MDF drawing boards and accessories are angled for maximum comfort, to ensure that you make the most of your work. Although typically used by graphic designers and illustrators, our drawing boards are ideal for anyone interested in art. Perfect for sketching, technical drawing and fieldwork, our drawing boards are sturdy and comfortable. At Cowling and Wilcox, we stock drawing boards from leading brands such as Loxley and Blundell Harling. Available in a range of sizes. Shop online now.

  • Erasers

    Every artist knows that sometimes mistakes happen. That's why at Cowling and Wilcox, we supply a wide selection of high-quality erasers to make your artwork perfect. An eraser removes dry medium from your surface, however, the way you use it determines the type of eraser you need. Whether you're creating highlights in subtractive drawing techniques or removing mistakes from a simple pencil sketch, we have a wide selection of discounted erasers to choose from. From leading brands such as Staedtler, Faber-Castell and Winsor & Newton, our range of erasers will complete any artists essential collection. Shop online today.

  • Manikins

    For a long time, manikins have been among the most essential tools of an artist's toolkit. Intended for improving the painting of figures, manikins simulate humane features to help artists capture proportions. If you're looking to perfect your figure drawings, then a manikin is a staple for your collection. At Cowling and Wilcox, we supply a range of manikin styles to help you depict the human form with as much accuracy as possible. From leading brands such as Jakar, our manikins are perfect for amateurs and professionals. Shop online today.

  • Miscellaneous

    Take a look at our selection of miscellaneous art products to suit your needs. Browse the range and shop online today!

  • Palettes & Mixing Pots

    Every artist needs a set of palettes or mixing pots to create the perfect colours for their artwork. At Cowling and Wilcox, we supply an entire range of mixing palettes in a selection of various styles and sizes to suit all of your needs. Whether you work with oil, watercolour or acrylic paints, we have the palette for you. Our range of folding palettes are ideal for preserving paints for further use, as well as providing a good space to mix colours and create various tones and shades. We supply mixing pots and palettes from leading brands such as Winsor & Newton and Loxley. Shop online today.

  • Storage

    There is nothing more satisfying than getting all of your art supplies conveniently stored in one place. Our selection of caddies and boxes are ideal for you to store as much or as little as you'd like. Whether you work with oils, paints, pens or inks, these toolboxes will create the perfect space for you to store your beloved collection of tools and mediums. At Cowling and Wilcox, we supply storage caddies from leading brands such as oxley and Jakar. Shop online today.

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Finding the perfect accessory can change the way you work and help improve your output. From palette knives to manikins, putty rubbers and colour wheels, with us you can find the tools you really need. Why not pick a colourful Pantone accessory to brighten up your workspace?