Every artist needs a quality easel, no matter their preferred medium. Discover our vast range of artist easels, from studio & sketching to field easels, all available at discount prices.
  • Portable Easels

    Portable easels (sometimes referred to as field easels) are an essential tool for any artist, especially if you do a lot of your art outdoors. We are proud to deliver high-quality portable easels that can help you to reach your full potential. No matter whether you're a professional painter, or just starting out, you'll want to purchase a portable or field easel that is reliable and affordable. We have many different easels on offer so that you can find the right one to suit your needs, including both wooden and aluminium portable easels that are perfect for all sorts of projects. Our range includes field easels ideal for working outdoors, as well as compact portable easels that are easily stored if you're limited on studio space. Browse our extensive range of sturdy and easels from top brands like Daler-Rowney and Jakar. Shop online today.

  • Studio Easels

    We offer studio easels that are made to last and come in various designs to suit varying needs and tastes. Studio easels are ideal for artists who prefer to work within their studio set up and not out in the field. Our studio easels are made from high-quality wood, with many of them being handcrafted easels. Whether you prefer to create your masterpieces on an H-frame or an A-frame easel, you’ll have a variety to choose from with our range.

  • Table Easels

    If you prefer to be seated when painting then a table easel is the perfect solution. Tabletop easels are easy to set up and allow you to work on your artistic project while sat at a desk or table, which many artists find to be more comfortable. We sell branded products that are available at a great price, from leading manufacturers such as Royal & Langnickel and Daler-Rowney. With our range of table easels you can select the best kind of easel to suit your needs. Our table easels for artists are suitable for beginners as well as very experienced professionals. Shop online today.

  • Sketching Easels

    Every artist with an affinity for drawing or sketching needs a quality sketching easel to help them create their visual wonders. A sketching easel should be portable so that you can create art in the comfort of your studio or out in the field. Sketching easels should also be highly adjustable in order to accomodate a variety of paper, board and pad sizes, depending on the size of peice you are looking to create. Artists whose preferred medium is sketching thrive when using an easel like this. Shop our range of sketching easels to find the perfect companion for your next sketch.

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Every artist needs an easel, whatever the medium - whether you're a wonder with watercolours or an acrylic enthusiast. When finding the perfect artist's easel, sturdiness is key, which is why we only supply stock from the best brands, including Daler-Rowney, Loxley and Jakar. Browse our range of studio easels and table easels, perfect for your day-to-day projects. Or, invest in a portable field easel for creating artwork on location. Our range includes professional artist easels and those suitable for beginners alike. Our selection of artist's easels will also suit a variety of canvas sizes, leaving you free to create art at a number of scales.

Artist's easels vary in cost and quality, and you'll find that our range has something to offer every artist, no matter budget, space or preference. No studio is complete without an artis's easel, whether you prefer the highly adjustable functions of a radial easel, a sturdy H-frame easel which will accomodate larger boards and canvases, or a compact field easel, there is something in our range for each and every artist.