Every artist needs a quality easel, no matter their preferred medium or level of experience. Shop our vast range of artist easels.
  • Portable Easels

    What is a Portable Easel?

    Portable art easels are artist easels that are designed to be carried around with you to work on site or at another studio or even at home. They are sometimes referred to as travel easels and are lightweight so that they are portable and easy to transport.

    Portable easels (sometimes referred to as field easels) are an essential tool for any artist, especially if you do a lot of your art outdoors. We are proud to deliver high-quality portable easels that can help you to reach your full potential.

    Whether you're a professional painter, or just starting out, you'll want to purchase a portable or field easel that is reliable and affordable. We have many different easels on offer so that you can find the right one to suit your needs, including both wooden and aluminium portable easels that are perfect for all sorts of projects. Our range includes field easels ideal for working outdoors, as well as compact portable easels that are easily stored if you're limited on studio space. Browse our extensive range of sturdy and e affordable asels from top brands like Daler-Rowney and Jakar. Shop online today.

  • Sketching Easels

    Every artist with an affinity for drawing or sketching needs a quality sketching easel to help them create their visual wonders. Our selection of drawing easels are portable,  meaning  that you can create art in the comfort of your studio or out in the field. Adjustable by height and angle, our range of drawing easels will accommodate your needs, and can fit a variety of papers, boards and pad sizes depending on the piece you are looking to create. Artists whose preferred medium is sketching thrive when using an easel like this. 

    At Cowling & Wilcox, we stock from leading brands such as Daler-Rowney, as well as our very own Cowling & Wilcox easel range, so you can rest assured knowing these easels are of high quality.  Shop our range of sketching easels today to find the perfect companion for your next sketch.

    Looking for something a little smaller? Take a look at our exclusive range of Table Easels, which are ideal for any artist medium and level.

  • Studio Easels

    Artist studio easels are built to be sturdy and reliable, for long term use in your artist space. For a large easel to be a permanent feature of your art workshop or studio, it should be perfectly chosen for your specific art style and preferred size of your work. We offer studio easels that are made to last and come in various designs to suit varying needs and tastes. Studio easels are ideal for artists who prefer to work within their studio set up and not out in the field, meaning they are built for quality rather than for ease of portability.

    How to Choose a Studio Easel

    We understand that you will prioritise quality when it comes to investing in an artist studio easel. Our studio easels are made from high-quality wood, with many of them being handcrafted easels. Whether you prefer to create your masterpieces on an H-frame or an A-frame easel, you’ll have a variety to choose from with our range.

    Choosing the right artist studio easel should be a personal decision for you. You should consider the space that you have at your disposal, your budget, and the style of art you will be creating. For example, if you like to work with gentle brushstrokes or pencil lines, a less sturdy A-frame easel will suit your artist style perfectly. However, for more rough and expressive artists, the more sturdy large H-frame easel style will provide the stronger surface you need to create your desired artwork. Large canvases and heavier mediums are, naturally, easier to deal with on large easels.

    • H-Frame Studio Easels: H-frame easels are, of course, shaped like the letter H. These studio easels are known for their sturdy base, but have the downside of taking up more room in your artist studio. As a large easel, these are best for people wanting to create larger scale art, and a large h frame easel is perfect for those using heavier mediums, like collage and thick paint.

    • A-Frame Studio Easels: As the name suggests, these easels are triangular in shape with 2 legs in front and 1 in the back as a support. If space in your artist studio is tight, these relatively large easels are still easily slotted into corners and can fold away to be stored flat.

     Easels are also available as display easels, which come in a variety of sizes and colours, from giant easels to miniature easels and everything in between. Large easels, like studio easels, are also ideal for displaying work at art exhibitions.


    Artist Studio Easel Brands

    We stock various high-quality studio easel brands to suit your art style. Professional and amateur artists alike will love wooden studio easels from Winsor & Newton, Daler-Rowney, and our own Cowling & Wilcox range.

    Got your easel but not sure where to start? Check out our blog on how to find inspiration for your art.

  • Table Easels

    Table or desk easels are smaller and more portable than normal artist easels. If you prefer to be seated when painting, or your artist studio is lacking in large amounts of space, then a table easel is the perfect solution for you. Additionally, if you prefer to work on a smaller canvas, a desktop easel might be ideal.

    Types of Table Top Easel 

    With our range of table easels, you can select the best kind of easel to suit your needs. Whether you are searching for a table top wooden art easel for your next project, like this Simply Table Easel from Daler-Rowney, a box tabletop easel for painting for a more portable option with storage, or simply a small table easel for display purposes, like this Quantum Art Essex Table Easel, Cowling & Wilcox have affordable options from great artist brands. Our tabletop easels for artists are suitable for beginners as well as very experienced professionals.

    Browse our selection of desktop easels and shop online today.

    Using Desktop Easels

    Tabletop easels are very easy to store and set up. Most involve simply unfolding the structure and ensuring the angle suits your painting or drawing style. You can store desk easels vertically or horizontally and they will allow you to work on your artistic project while sitting at a desk or table, which many artists find to be more comfortable. 

    In terms of artist mediums, table easels are ideal for any materials. Their sturdy nature makes them great for oil, acrylic, and watercolour paints, as well as artist pencils, pastels, charcoal, and much more.

    Desktop Easel Brands

    We sell branded products that are available at a great price, from leading manufacturers such as Royal & Langnickel and Daler-Rowney


    Choosing a Table Easel

    There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to choosing your own desktop easel. Here are the characteristics of an excellent table easel. Think about the following areas before deciding on your purchase:

    • Long-lasting: Table easels are simply designed, but that should not compromise durability. 

    • Stability: If you are using mediums that require tougher brushstrokes or involve pressing harder to get a more vibrant colour, you should consider the sturdiness of your desktop easel before purchasing.

    • Size and Portability: If you are more of an on-the-go artist, portability will be more of a focus for your choice in easel. This will involve the weight of the easel as well as how small it can fold down to.

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Whether you're a wonder with watercolours or an acrylic enthusiast, you’ll need a solid and affordable easel. When finding the perfect artist's easel, sturdiness is key, which is why we supply stock from the best brands, including Daler-Rowney, Loxley and Jakar. We also offer high-quality, affordable easels from our own brand range.

Browse our range of studio easels and table easels, perfect for your day-to-day projects. Or, invest in a portable field easel for creating artwork on location. Our range includes professional artist easels and those suitable for beginners alike. Our selection of artist's easels will also suit a variety of canvas sizes, leaving you free to create art at a number of scales.

Artist's easels vary in cost and quality, and you'll find that our range has something to offer every artist, no matter budget, space or preference. No studio is complete without an artist's easel. Whether you prefer the highly adjustable functions of a radial easel, a sturdy H-frame easel which will accommodate larger boards and canvases, or a compact field easel, there is something in our range for each and every artist.  Get stuck in and shop our range of affordable easels today - from professional artist’s painting easels, fit for the best equipped studio, to portable sketching easels, perfect for students. 

For more information on how to paint on canvas, including tips on priming and the best paints to use, read our blog.

Types of Art Easel

The main types of easels for artists include portable easels, studio easels, table easels and sketching easels. There are many more names for easels but all main types can be divided into these categories.

We explain each of the main types of easels and which would be perfect for you;

  • Portable Easels - These are generally full length easels that fold easily and can be used if you are working outdoors or on-site.

  • Studio Easels - these come in a range of different sizes but are generally intended to stay in one studio and are not easily portable.

  • Table Easels - smaller easels intended to be placed on a table top. These are perfect if you are limited on space or prefer sketching and painting while seated.

  • Sketching Easels - These are a combination of portable and studio easels, designed for people that prefer sketching to painting.

Painting Easels

Easels are by no means a necessity when it comes to painting. If you feel more comfortable not using one, it is absolutely fine to paint however you want. However, it is worth trying one out to see how it feels. It may feel strange at first with your painting hand having no support, but as your painting is in a more upright position, your shoulders and arms are more free and can make your strokes bigger and more expressive. 

When you are painting from life, an easel can be a great help. As you are not constantly looking up at your subject, your measurements and proportions can be more accurately worked out, helping you to create more realistic artwork.

If you are looking for more details on how to start painting on canvas, check out our blog. We provide Tips for Priming a Canvas and great advice on How to Paint on Canvas.


Setting Up an Easel

There is no perfect position for an artist’s easel to be in. It is simply important that it feels comfortable for you. There are a few factors you should bear in mind when adjusting your easel. If you are drawing from life, make sure that your easel is angled so that you have a good view of your subject. The height and the angle at which your surface is sitting are both factors entirely up to you and what is comfortable whilst you work. Don’t forget to use your clamps to keep your surface still as you paint to give you the desired finish.


Art Easel Brands

The best easel for you will depend on your materials and your personal preferences. Cowling & Wilcox have a great selection, below are some excellent options from our range or brands:

  • Cowling & Wilcox: Our own range of easels offer a professional-looking affordable option. We have artist’s easels for every purpose so that you can find the right one for you. 

  • Daler-Rowney: The different ranges offered by Daley-Rowney mean that whatever medium you use to paint, you can find your perfect match. Whether you’re just starting to use an easel or you’re a seasoned professional looking to freshen up your studio, you’re sure to find a quality easel from Daler-Rowney.

  • Jakar: These super light-weight aluminium easels are super easy to transport and set up. Whilst they offer no tilt, they make great field easels for painters that want to be up-close and personal to their subjects.

  • Winsor & Newton: Made from quality beechwood, Winsor & Newton easels provide a solid surface for even the biggest of canvases. 

  • Loxley: Loxley are known for their quality easels and affordable prices. For a professional finish, Loxley is a great choice.

  • Quantum: For fun, quality and affordable table easels, Quantum easels create a solid surface for your painting. These incredible easy-to-transport easels even make a great gift for budding artists.

All you might need now is something to paint. Our blog is full of helpful tips and interesting articles, including How to Find Inspiration For Your Art.