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Newclay Products

Newclay Products manufacture and supply a range of quality modelling materials and accessories. Their products are used extensively in the UK, Ireland and as far afield as Iceland and Australia. They are ideal for use in education, by arts and crafts professionals and hobbyists, by animators and in a wide range of industrial applications.

Newclay has been manufacturing art and craft materials for over forty years.   The company was established during the 1960s by the Lewis family, who continued to manage the business until November 2006. Newclay modelling clay was formulated to create a material that dried to a hard and tough finish, and to be an ideal material for children to make models with, eliminating the complications involved with firing and glazing traditional pottery materials.

Well-known customers of Newclay include Aardman Animations and the creators of the Harry Potter films. Large quantities of products, particularly Newplast, are supplied for industrial uses, such as construction, electronics and ship-building. Newplast is even utilised in the manufacture of the Airbus, fridges and freezers and in some MRI scanners used for diagnosing serious illnesses.