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Essdee Aluminium Craft Roller (65mm)


  • Ideal for a variety of applications
  • Beautiful red polystytrene handles
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Nylon bearings are self-lubricating
  • A fun and easy way to create prints
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More Information

With its hard polished surface, this bright surface Aluminium Craft Roller can be used to roll out many hobby or difficult materials, including silicon rubber, air hardening clays and simple plasticine, leaving your other hand free to control the varying processes.

Designed for high levels of applied pressure, this clean roller is more universal in use and more resistant to chemical attack than acrylic plastic. The handle is very sturdy, made from polystyrene which is easy to keep clean. The nylon bearings are self-lubricating. Made in the UK.

When it comes to keeping your hands safe, we recommend using the Essdee Lino Cutter & Safety Hand Guard Set.