This week, our Featured Artist is up-and-coming fashion designer Nicola Brindle. She recently graduated from London College of Fashion.

Her work is inspired by the film work of Ken Russell, her recent collection takes references from the 1975 rock opera ‘Tommy’ and the 1962 pop art documentary ‘Pop goes the easel.’

cowling and wilcox, Skecthing

Nicola Brindle – Line Up

We asked her about her work, her inspiration and portfolios among other things.

Tell us a bit about your previous work

Currently, I work at Cutler and Gross designing eyewear. Whilst at London College of Fashion, I interned with both Louise Gray and Roksanda Ilincic.

What inspires you?

Cultural anomalies are a common inspiration in my work; I have a particular interest in behaviourism qualities such as hero worship and crowd movement. My work usually looks at subcultures in music, films or architecture especially looking for humour.


Art Inspiration

Nicola Brindle – Print Development 1-

Art Inspiration

Nicola Brindle – Denim Jacket

Your essentials

I use a wide range of products when developing my prints and creating designs. I begin by using a 1.0mm Uni-ball gel pen to create a strong outline. I then use Pro Markers to add bold colours to my quick sketches. Final designs are finished with Daler-Rowney acrylic Paints and all my collages are put together with the essential spray mount.

What portfolio do you suggest?

I use an A4 Pina Zangaro portfolio in hardboard finish. The professional finish is a great look and does not distract from the final work.

Tips for Preparing a Portfolio

Don’t waste time questioning yourself, draw anything that comes to mind and experiment with materials.

How do you spend your weekends?

Currently working on SS16 collection but I also enjoy spending time getting out of London and visiting exhibitions.

Art Inspiration

Nicola Brindle – Shooting Star Twin Set

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