Sometimes even the most professionally made greetings cards can’t match that homemade touch! With that in mind, here are a few ideas for some homemade Christmas greeting cards to get your creative juices flowing. Our designs have tips to ensure you have some unique homemade Christmas card to send to your family and friends.

First off, grab yourself some blank cards from one of our stores. You can choose between squared or rectangular and white or ivory. The Anita’s card packs come with 50 blank cards and envelopes ready for you to add your designs, which removes all of the fuss of cutting standard sheets of card down to size. Then you can start being creative with some of our handmade Christmas card ideas!


Idea No. 1

Choose a selection of coloured buttons from your collection or from one of our in-store packs. Place the buttons on your card at varying heights and glue in place when you’re happy. Next, draw a ruled line from the fold (top of the card) down to the buttons and add some drawn on bows for an elegant bauble effect. To finish you can hand-write your homemade Christmas greeting card message or use stickers and stamps for a more professional look.


Idea No. 2

Draw a silhouette of your favourite festive-themed character, or find an image online to print off and trace. For this card we chose a stag. Once you’re happy, cut around your image, cover in glue and shimmer glitter over the top. Shake off and repeat the process until your image is fully covered. Place on black card for a more powerful impact and to ensure your glittered image stands out from this foreground. For an additional effect place the black card onto another piece of coloured card for an extra-special 3D texture in your homemade Christmas greeting cards.


Idea No. 3

This is a fun one for the kids! Simply cover your finger or thumb in brown paint (not too much as you want to be able to see the texture to your skin once peeled off). Any friendly children’s paint would be perfect, otherwise an acrylic or watercolour based paint would work just as well. Stamp your fingerprints onto gold card leaving at least 1 cm spacing between the three prints. Glue on some googly eyes to give them character, and with a brown pen draw on some antlers and noses. We made our middle character Rudolph by giving him a big red nose! To finish, mount onto coloured card and add your greeting for some unique homemade Christmas cards.

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