Well done to Jordanna, one of our customers in Shoreditch. Her prize is over £350 of Schmincke products of her choice.


She said:

“I’m a big fan of Cowling and Wilcox and although I have only recently discovered the Shoreditch branch, it is now my go-to art shop. It has an amazing array of materials which is perfect for me as I can go to the shop and browse until I spot what I want to use for the particular project I’m working on. I’m in my first year of studying a Masters in Fine Art at the CASS in Aldgate, which is just a short walk away from Shoreditch branch so I’m a freqeuent visitor.

My work is generally abstract and conceptual and since starting my course, I’m mainly painting and drawing, but I’m also working in collaboration as a performance artist with a photographer and doing some participation work too.

I’m also an artist in residence at a community gardens in South London and help run a community and arts space in Hackney Wick called Grow (www.growhackney.co.uk). I have used Cowling and Wilcox to buy materials for activities in both of these roles, including luggage tags to create a gratitude tree and blank cards and envelopes to create and write cards to the local elderly group.

I’m grateful for Cowling and Wilcox to provide a shop in central London which sells good value, high quality art supplies so I can use them to do my masters and community projects. I’m so chuffed to win this prize so a big thanks to them to help me along my way.”

You can follow Jordanna on Twitter via @greavesjordanna.

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