Leading art brand Daler-Rowney have appointed British fashion designers VIN + OMI as global fashion ambassadors. VIN + OMI are internationally acclaimed pioneers and leaders in contemporary sustainable fashion whose work has been seen on the likes of Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Debbie Harry and Michelle Obama.

This ambassadorial position marks three years of a fashion / art collaboration between the two brands. The collaborations have been based around the large VIN + OMI underground fashion shows during London Fashion Week and have included a wide range of artists and creative interventions.

“Working with Daler-Rowney has helped us achieve new ways of working and introduced a range of artists into our practice. Their open minded approach gives us great room for exploration. We are honoured to be representing such an innovative company.” – VIN + OMI

As part of the new ambassadorial role, VIN + OMI will be giving a range of seminars and will explore new ways of working in art and fashion. There will also be an exploration of eco sustainable projects, in keeping with VIN + OMI’s core ethos.

To celebrate the ambassadorial appointment, Daler-Rowney have created a limited edition of 2700 sketch books in DINA 4, designed by VIN + OMI. These will be released on the Friday 23rd November at 6pm, exclusively at Cowling and Wilcox Shoreditch, East London.

The designers, Vin and Omi, will be in store to sign the sketch books for the release. The first 50 sketch books purchased will come with a free VIN + OMI product!

VIN + OMI will also be giving 2 exclusive and free one-hour “Show and Tell” sessions on Saturday 15th December at 2pm & 4pm in our Shoreditch branch to discuss their pioneering approach to eco and sustainable fashion, their range of textile developments and their art collaborations.

Please pre-book your participation at the “Show and Tell” event in advance with a member of staff at our Shoreditch store, as spaces are limited.

What do art and fashion have in common? Click the video below to watch a mini interview with OMI, one of the new global fashion ambassadors of VIN + OMI.

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