The SANE Creative Awards Scheme aims to improve the quality of life of people with mental health problems, their families and carers, by helping them fulfil their creative potential. The scheme will make grants to individuals to enable them to engage in creative and educational activities.

SANE is a leading UK mental health charity set up in 1985 to improve the quality of life for anyone affected by mental illness. Its three main aims are to raise awareness and combat stigma about mental illness, educating and campaigning to improve mental health services; to promote treatments for mental illness illness at its flagship Prince of Wales International Centre for SANE Research; and to provide guidance and emotional support to people with mental health problems, their families and carers.

SANE Creative Awards Scheme

The scheme builds on the tradition of awards given by SANE under its previous art awards scheme and invites proposals for visual art. For the purposes of the scheme, visual art encompasses all forms of painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, mixed media and digital art.

The first set of awards will be focusing on proposals for visual art only, which include a brief written description of how the art reflects and communicates a person’s individual experiences.

Awards will be given to cover or contribute to the cost of materials, specific projects, training courses, or towards providing replacement care in the case of carers who apply. They will range from £75 to £300.

Applications will be selected by a panel which will include skilled and experienced artists.

How To Apply

To apply, applicants will need to submit the following:

  • A letter about themselves, the reason for applying and the potential benefits of an award
  • An application form containing personal information
  • A reference from a mental health professional or, the case of a carer, a personal reference
  • Examples of previous work where applicable

The scheme is not open to applications for proposals in other art forms, for group projects or in pursuit of other educational or political aims.

SANE is working in partnership with the Open College of the Arts, the distance learning arm of the University of the Creative Arts. They will be providing advice, guidance and members of the awards judging panel.

For further information please contact Thomas Andrews on 020 3805 1790 or email

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