Sale Magic Colour Liquid Acrylic Ink Introductory Set (8 x 28ml Bottles)

Magic Colour Liquid Acrylic Ink Introductory Set (8 x 28ml Bottles)

  • Multi-purpose, comprehensive colour mixing
  • Ready for immediate use, waterproof when dry
  • Lightfastness and permanence
  • Accurate and easy dispensing with droppers
  • Dilutable, versatile and easy to use

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Magic Colour is a multi-purpose water-based liquid acrylic colourant; it is ready for immediate use, is completely waterproof when dry and provides a high degree of lightfastness. The colours contain the finest pigments, and the lack of shellac means there is virtually no risk of clogging even the finest of instruments. This means it can be used not only with airbrushes, but also artist’s brushes, technical and drawing pens. Magic Color also provides good adhesion to most surfaces and can be used alongside other artists media to achieve a large number of effects and techniques.

Magic Colour offers a complete mixing system, with all the colours being intermixable offering an almost limitless palette of colour, this means that Magic Colour can be far more versatile and economical than many traditional media. The versatility of the Magic Colour range means that you can experiment and create without limitation. The colours included in this set are as follows: Process Cyan, Process Yellow, Gamma Green, Process Magenta, Omega Orange, Delta Violet, Quasar Black and Lunar White.

Magic Colour is ideal for Designers, Airbrush Artists, Illustrators, Fine Artists and Craft and Hobbyists.

Magic Colour Liquid Acrylic colours have been selected by artists and illustrators for many years for their versatility and ease of use. The vibrant range offers an unlimited palette of colour for brush, pen or airbrush. Waterproof when dry, Magic Colour ink can be used straight from the bottle or diluted for more pastel effects and layer upon layer to change mood, increase depth or change the colour completely.

Watercolour: Being water based Magic Colour lends itself perfectly to traditional watercolour effects retaining vibrant colour even when diluted. Washes laid down with Magic Colour, whether flat or graded, have a tonal subtlety and purity far superior to other products giving complete control in the most fundamental of watercolour techniques. The colours are permanent, lightfast and waterproof when dry so they can be over-painted and built up to achieve various tonal effects without the risk of colours running.

Airbrushing: Magic Colour was originally developed for use in an airbrush, and is very popular with professional airbrush artists. If doesn’t contain aggressive chemicals which could damage your airbrush. The pipette dropper supplied with each bottle makes application of colour to the airbrush easy. To clean your airbrush use Magic Colour Cleaning Fluid (available separately) which has been specifically developed to work with Magic Color, ensure that all colour has been completely removed. Use Magic Colour Dilutant (available separately) to vary the consistency of the airbrushed colour. The opaque colours can be used with most nozzle sizes, however for very fine detail work add some dilutant.

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