Sale 2mm Lead Refills - Pack of 10

Faber-Castell TK9071 2mm Lead Refills - Pack of 10

  • 2mm leads
  • Pack of 10
  • Graphite
  • Break-resistant
  • Intense black lines
  • Easily erasable
  • Smooth usage
  • For drawing, sketching & writing
  • Available in grades HB, 2B & 2H
  • Designed for use with the TK4600
  • Suitable for almost all clutch pencils

More details

The Faber-Castell TK9071 leads are 2mm thick, come in packs of 10 & are available in several grades, to suit any artist.
The case included is made from a thick plastic & utilises a sliding motion to raise & lower the leads.
Making this not only aesthetically pleasing, but also protective.

Highly versatile, able to be used for drawing, sketching & writing due to their ability to create intense lines, whilst remaining erasable.
One example would be the ability to produce detailed, layered artwork, with the added flexibility of being able to erase easily as necessary.
Of course, it's easy to understand why this is a highly sought after aspect in this medium.

Specifically designed for use with the TK4600, but also work in other clutch pencils, providing the leads they take are of the same diameter.
As these use a claw-like appendage to grip their leads, the smooth surface and high level of break-resistance in these makes them well-suited for both this purpose & for a wide range of general heavy uses.

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