Loxley Refined Linseed Oil (500ml)

  • Reduces consistency of oil colours
  • Increases transparency and gloss
  • Can be used to improve flow
  • Slows down drying time
  • A fantastic alternative to turpentine

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Loxley Refined Linseed Oil is a medium used to reduce the consistency of oil paint colours, as well as increase their transparency and gloss. It can also be used to improve their flow on application and also slows down drying time.

If you find turpentine to be an abrasive and smelly thinning medium then refined linseed oil is a fantastic alternative. Try decanting a small amount into an old ink bottle with a dropper cap and use a few drops the next time you work with oils. You’ll immediately notice the difference when it comes to mixing and paint flow, and you’ll also be surprised with how a little goes such a long way!

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  • 03/09/2020
  • 5/5
the bottle in pick is not what you get ..need grips to get top of..

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