Sunography Fabric

  • Solar powered photography!
  • Contains six 100% cotton fabric square in green, orange, rose, violet, turquoise, and white
  • Each square is printable on both sides
  • Prints in a rich Prussian blue colour when exposed
  • Easy to paint or stitch over

More details

Sunography fabric uses natural sunlight to make beautiful, unique prints. You can place any object or transparency onto a piece of Sunography fabric and expose it in bright sunlight before rinsing it to reveal a rich, Prussian blue print.

These prints can be toned to other colours (for example yellow or sepia), when rinsed with common household liquids (like tea or detergent). Full instructions are included. 
The high-quality cotton fabric squares are light-sensitive on both sides so you can make double-sided prints if you so wish.

Six 15.2 x 15.2cm coloured sheets are enclosed in the colours green, orange, rose and turquoise. Sunography fabric is made from 100% cotton archival watercolour paper. The superior quality and weight of Sunography Fabric produces finely detailed prints. The prints can also be toned yellow or sepia using rinses with common household liquids.

This type of paper dates back to 1842 and was popularised by Anna Atkin, one of the first female photographers.

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  • 27/03/2021
  • 5/5
I've bought these as a present, so hoping they will enjoy creating things with them.

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