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  • Dry white casting compound
  • 3lbs per bag
  • Sculptamold mixes easily with water and sets like plaster
  • Non-toxic and acid-free
  • Oven dries at 200 degrees
  • Suitable for all ages

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Sculptamold is dry white modelling and casting compound, suitable for all ages. It's both non-toxic and acid free. Add water to Sculptamold to imitate clay, plaster and papier-mache. Finished objects made with Sculptamold are lightweight and extremely durable. The compound mixes easily and quickly with water and models like clay but sets like plaster in 30 minutes.

Sculptamold adheres to most clean surfaces and can be oven dried at 200 degrees. When dry, it can also be carved, sanded, sawed or nailed to shape without chipping. This package contains 3lbs of Sculptamold. Made in the USA.

Directions For Modelling with Sculptamold:

Mix two parts Sculptamold to one part water. Stir the mixture three to four times or until thoroughly mixed. 

Model Sculptamold or apply it to a form or mixture (for larger pieces) with your fingers. Use tools or fingers, moistened slightly, to shape and smooth. Add more Sculptamold if desired as the mixture sets. 

The mixture adheres to wet or dry areas. Allow time for objects to dry. When dry, Sculptamold may be sanded, sawed, carved or nailed.

Directions For Casting (for use in rubber, latex, plastic and ‘sized’ plaster moulds):

Mix equal parts of Sculptamold and water. Stir for 3–4 minutes. 

Partially fill mould. Tap firmly or vibrate to make sure all detail cavities are filled. Fill mould completely and tap firmly again to remove air bubbles.

After approx. 30-45 minutes, or when firm, gently remove object from mould and place on drying rack. Smooth or fill any defects. Allow cast piece to dry, making sure air circulates over and around entire piece. Curing time is several days.

Wash mould with a solution of detergent and water.

What is Amaco Sculptamold?

Amaco Sculptamold is a branded product that has similar qualities to clay and plaster. It is a white non toxic powder mix that combines with water to make a great and easy to use substance for modelling.

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