Quantum Art Essex Table Easel: Navy Blue

  • Available in up to 7 colours
  • Height: 11" (280mm)
  • Made from solid beech wood
  • Ideal for displaying artwork or photos
  • Made in the UK

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All Essex Table Easels are foldable and store flat when you fold down the back leg. You can reduce space in your luggage if you need to transport it somewhere or even if you need to store it at home in the studio. The easel measures 11 inches in height (280mm) and is great for displaying artwork or photos.

The Quantum Art Essex Table Easel is made from specially prepared solid Beech Wood, which makes it very sturdy on a solid surface. Each easel comes supplied packed in a secure cardboard box, which makes it great for gifting. This easel is navy blue in colour and is available in up to 7 seperate colours.

Product Reviews
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  • Average Grade : 3 / 5

  • 26/12/2020
  • 3/5
It is good. But no use to me is a room which is largely a muted green with oak furniture my order clearly states navy. Strangely I didn’t want navy either but the website said there was only one left and it was navy so I decided that might do. If there was only one navy one left how come o got a red one! I wrote as soon as I saw the delivery note which said red. But I was too late to stop it coming. Sadly my husband has MND and I cannot leave him. So I cannot send it back. I was offered £2 off! But that didn’t change the colour! I offered to give that one to a grandchild if they would give me the £2 off one the right colour. I have heard nothing back

  • 28/11/2020
  • 3/5
Unfortunately I got the wrong colour so can't comment.

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