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Jakar 5014 Metal Pencil Sharpener - Double Hole


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  • Two varying sized holes
  • Perfect for graphite & colour pencils
  • Durable metal body
  • Wedge shaped for easy usage
  • Pocket-sized
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More Information

Jakar were founded in 1949, with an aim to provide quality stationery & craft materials throughout the UK & Ireland.
Establishing themselves as a strong, reliable brand, well-known & respected amongst students, professionals & enthusiasts looking to procure high quality, affordable materials.

What may seem at first to be a "no frills" approach to design, is in fact versatility, strength & cost management.
Any Jakar product is a perfect addition to your arsenal of materials.

Everyone needs one.
No artists feels complete without one.
Especially this one.

The humble pencil sharpener, what can be said?
Well, to start, the 5014 Sharpener has some very useful features to take note of.

Of course, the most prominent feature would be the double holes.
Allowing for a wide variety of pencils to be sharpened.

Besides this, they can also be used effectively for different lead points on a standard pencil.
Small Hole:  For a fine point, allowing you to achieve a more precise line, for detailed or technical work.
Large Hole:  Creates a softer effect, more beneficial for shading.  Useful for portraiture, as an example.

Portable, pocket sized design.
Never worry about sharpening your leads on the go.

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Good value, works well
nice and sharp
Very good, great service. I would recommend.

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