Discover a brand new way to paint in watercolour with Brusho Crystal Colours, new in to Cowling & Wilcox online and in-store…

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We love Brusho! It’s a brilliant, unique and highly-concentrated watercolour powder that produces wonderful bursts of colour. Each powder is water-based and completely non-toxic. It’s so safe that it’s often used by schools to create large quantities of watercolour paint!

There’s nothing quite like Brusho in the world.  It has completely unique qualities that allow you to create loose, impressionistic and vibrant artwork. It’s unpredictable by its very nature, and this makes it exceptionally beginner-friendly. Because it’s so loose and expressive it’s much easier to learn how to use compared to traditional watercolours. You simply have no choice but to let the paint do the work.


Effect achieved with adding water and Brusho to bubble wrap

Brusho Crystal Colours offer an excellent degree of lightfastness, ensuring that your artwork will last a long time in exposure to bright light. Being totally intermixable, Brusho can be used in all manner of ways. The bursts of colour you can achieve from a simple sprinkle on a wet surface are incredible. It’s perfect for creating backgrounds on paper, card and fabric, as well as for use as a traditional watercolour. You can also use it for interior design projects, such as sprucing up an old piece of fabric.


Simple combinations of colour can lead to some amazing effects

As Brusho comes in powdered form, some artists like to use it the same as they would a pigment – i.e. by adding water to create a watercolour paint. Some favour the splash effect and sprinkle the powder on their work before spraying water on the Brusho.

Below are some fabulous pieces of artwork we’ve found that have been created with Brusho by the artist Polly Birchall. She even uses bleach with some pieces, which makes for interesting results!

Brusho Bird of Paradise Flower

Bird of Paradise Flower by Polly Birchall

Brusho Zebra

Zebra by Polly Birchall

Chimp Van Gogh

Chimp Van Gogh by Polly Birchall

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