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Fabric Paints

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Fabric paints are the perfect medium for transforming any canvas or textile product. Perhaps you’re decorating t-shirts, jazzing up your trainer or rucksack, or creating a complex fabric design - whatever the project, our range of fabric paints, mediums and accessories are perfect for getting you started in fabric decoration. 

Our products include items specifically designed as fabric paints, a number of paint markers and pens, as well as acrylic fabric paints that are suitable for use on a range of textiles. Have a look at our range and get everything you need for your fabric painting project! 

What is Fabric Paint?

Fabric paints are specialist paints that, as the name suggests, are for use on fabrics or similar materials. They are often used for painting designs onto fabric products such as bags, hats, umbrellas, and even clothing. The paint is generally thinner than normal paint with an adhesive agent to help it stick.