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Pastel Pencils

Shop our selection of pastel pencils from leading brands like Faber-Castell and Conte a Paris, available as individuals or in sets. Buy now. Read More

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We stock a selection of vibrant and high-quality pastel pencils, perfect for adding fine detail to pastel crayon art, or for using on their own to create an intricate masterpiece. Pastel coloured pencils are ideal for creating art on the go, with the added benefit of creating less mess than a traditional pastel crayon. 

Like most mediums, pastel coloured pencils are available in many different colours and depending on which brand you opt for, you’ll find different consistencies. Some pastel coloured pencils are harder or softer than others, which can affect the overall technique you’re trying to achieve with your pastel pencils.

Our range of pastel pencils include individual pencils and gorgeous sets from trusted brands such as Faber-Castell.  

What are oil pastel pencils?

Oil pastel pencils are actually soft pastels, encased in wood so that they can be used as a pencil. They are just like traditional pastels and can be used to add finishing details to pastel art works. They are easier to use than other soft pastels with the benefit of less mess and being easily portable. Discover our range of oil pastels