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Acrylic Varnishes

Applying a layer of acrylic varnish is an essential step to take once you have completed an acrylic painting. Take a look at our range of acrylic varnishes now. Read More

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Applying acrylic varnish will protect your work from dust particles, UV rays and will also minimise the risk of unwanted yellowing. Acrylic varnish will also add a brilliant layer of shine that pulls the painting together by emphasising colour, whilst evening out the paint to create a clean uniform finish. At Cowling & Wilcox, we supply a wide range of gloss, satin, and matte finish acrylic varnishes to add to your work. If you are undecided of which finish to use, you can mix acrylic varnishes together to achieve your desired finish. We supply acrylic varnish from leading brands such as Galleria and Luiqitex, so you can rest assured these varnishes are of the highest quality. Take a look at our wide range of acrylic varnishes, today!