Introducing Daniel Smith

April 24, 2024

Our latest range of high-quality, exciting art materials direct from the US comes from Daniel Smith Inc.

Let us introduce you to this highly regarded variety of materials, with unique additions including luminescent colours and paints made using genuine, semi-precious minerals including Lapis Lazuli and Jade.

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Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

April 12, 2024

In honour of our “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle” sale, we wanted to add to our ongoing series of blogs focusing on sustainability.

In the past, we did a deep dive into the new, ever-impressive Recycled Canvas from Liquitex in “Old Materials, New Ideas” before discussing materials from Da Vinci, Seawhite, Sennelier & others in “A Focus on Sustainability”.

Today we’ll be spotlighting a long-time favourite with Khadi Papers & the brand-new Studio GREEN range from Pebeo.

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The Daylight Company

April 03, 2024

Today we’re excited to introduce you to The Daylight Company.

Founded in London in the 1980s, they've been producing & globally distributing professional, versatile lighting options with a particular focus on the needs of creatives, artists & others.

Their long-lasting, energy efficient 95+ CRI Daylight LEDs are able to accurately reproduce colours, don't heat up & never need to be replaced!

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Putting the ART in HEART

February 07, 2024

This Valentine’s Day, join us as we highlight & celebrate several influential pieces of art from around the world, spanning as far back as the 15th Century.  These iconic works demonstrate that love truly is a universal language able to connect us all, transcending cultures, social barriers & even the passage of time.

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Let's Go YUPO!

January 23, 2024

So, just what is this miraculous YUPO you've heard so much about?

Well, click here and find out, curious reader!

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Soft Pastel Savants

January 22, 2024

Easy to use, tough to master!  Join us as we explore the versatility of soft pastels through the works of several masters.

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Macabre Masterpieces

October 12, 2023

The spooky season is upon us once again, so we've gathered together 4 spooky masterpieces and tell their stories for the curious, daring (and the crazy) to enjoy!

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What Bristle is Right for me?

August 23, 2023

More than just mere tools, brushes work as an extension of an artist's creativity and vision.  In this blog, we'll be taking a closer look at various bristle types, breaking them down, highlighting their characteristics and discussing the techniques they're best suited for.

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Highlighting the System3 Range

August 09, 2023

From Daler-Rowney, the System3 range is a complete suite of creative materials encompassing paints, inks, mediums, surfaces and brushes.

Developed in order to make creativity more accessible, affordable and straightforward for everyone from newcomers, students and hobbyists, all the way to professional artists.

Available in a variety of options, we're taking some time to run through a number of these and break them down to show just how incredible this range is!

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