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Oil & Acrylic Brushes

Different brushes have different uses, and some work better with different paints. Browse our range of paint brushes for oils and acrylics now! Read More

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Your tools can make or break a painting, so be sure to use the best ones, by selecting them from our range. Here at Cowling and Wilcox, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality oil brushes and acrylic brushes at discounted prices. Oil and Acrylic have been the choice of some of the greats, from Bocour and Gilliam to Dali and da Vinci, and we hope our brushes will assist you in your aspirations to match such artists in your own work. 

We stock a wide range of acrylic and oil paint brushes, both synthetic and natural, including hog brushes, which are preferred by artists for their ability to carry large amounts of paint and support a heavier body. Whatever the style of painting you are creating, we have the brush for it: whether you need a tiny, round, pointed acrylic brush for detail work, to larger, flat oil brushes for background work. Just beginning to experiment with acrylic or oil painting? Our oil and acrylic brush sets are perfect for beginner artists. But don’t worry if you are an experienced pro - our brushes for oil painting come from expert manufacturers to help you create wondrous works of art.

We also offer a selection of more specialist brushes, such as fan brushes, to help you finish your masterpieces to a high standard. Our range of oil and acrylic paint brushes come from leading and trusted art brands like Da Vinci, Pro Arte, and Daler-Rowney at affordable prices. So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re after quality artist oil brushes or a starter set of acrylic brushes, start shopping now!