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Tracing Paper & Pads 

Our Daler-Rowney tracing paper pad is what you need for tracing designs and images. Acid free to prevent discolouration, also available in A3 & A4 sizes.
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Our lightweight and transparent tracing paper and pads are perfect for creating precise copies of complex sketches, as well as designs for engineers and architects. Our Daler-Rowney Tracing Paper Pad comes in either A3 or A4 sizes, is acid free and strong enough to withstand repeated erasing. 

Tracing paper typically has low opacity and is semi-transparent, which means that light passes through it easily. Tracing paper is very simple to use and is often used with a light box to allow for exact sketches. When tracing with a light box, the original image or sketch is placed atop the lightbox, and then the tracing paper on top of this. The light below the image makes it much easier to see and trace using the paper. However in many cases you can place tracing paper directly over an original image and trace this way. Tracing paper can be used for any number of creative tasks, from professional sketches to crafts and artistic learning activities. 

Graphite pencils are the best tools to use when working with tracing paper. You can shop our range of pencils for using with tracing paper and choose from great brands like Pentel, Faber-Castell and Staedtler