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We’re proud to be able to bring you the finest quality paints, whether you’re an experienced artist or an aspiring novice. Whatever your chosen medium, we’ve got you covered – from the smoothest oil paints to the chunkiest acrylics and the most vibrant watercolours. Our wide selection of leading brands such as Schmincke and Winsor & Newton gives you an extensive choice over finding the perfect paint to create your next piece of artwork with. We also offer a wide range of paint sets that serve as superb gifts for artists of all ages, or as the perfect starter kit for painters looking for the essentials. Finish your masterpiece off with one of our many mediums and varnishes. Whether you’re looking to extend the usability of your paint or simply to protect and preserve your artwork, we’ve got you covered. We also stock a fantastic range of brushes, canvas and easels to help you create your next painting masterpiece.

What different types of artists paints are there?

The 4 most popular types of artists paint are the following:

  • Watercolour paints - Watercolours are usually made of dry pigment and a type of binder. These are best used with plenty of water and soft brushes.

  • Oil paints - These paints have a much thicker consistency than other paints and can create stunning textures in your art. We recommend using a stiff-bristled brush and painting on a canvas with oils.

  • Acrylic paints - This is a popular painting medium for artists of all levels. The consistency can be altered for different effects using mediums and thinners, and you can even paint on a variety of surfaces.

  • Gouache paints - Gouache is a vibrant and versatile medium to use, especially loved by illustrators and designers. For lovers of watercolour looking for more layers and vibrancy, Gouache is perfect.

How do I decide what paint to use?

The paint you decide to use is a very personal decision and depends entirely upon your personal preference. Each type has distinct characteristics that will factor into your choice. 

  • Space - How much space you have should be considered, as acrylics and oils are best used on a canvas and easel.

  • Cost - Budget is also a huge factor - though there are affordable options for most types of paint, if you have a smaller budget, watercolours might be a good choice as they are simple to use with little additional equipment required.

  • Style - You should also consider what type of compositions you are looking to create. Acrylic and oil paints are fast-drying, meaning they can be layered on top of one another to create deeper compositions, as can Gouache paint

What paint do professional artists use?

There is no single type of paint that is used by professional artists. Their styles and preferences dictate what type of paint they choose to use. Some artists choose a combination of paints or combine a type of paint with collage or pencil drawings. Our blog includes many Artist Features from a range of artists and styles to inspire you.

What is the best type of paint for a beginner to use?

Even for a beginner, the type of paint you use is a personal choice. How much time and money you want to invest in your paints and materials should be thought about before making any purchases. If this will be a part-time hobby, you may want to go for something more cost-effective and easy-to-use, such as acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is one of the most popular mediums among beginners and professionals alike, as you can develop your skill and your style further by adjusting the consistency of your paints with mediums and thinners.