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Table Easels

Perfect for maximising space, table easels are ideal for any artist medium and level and for smaller artwork. Browse our sturdy desk easels from top brands. Read More

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Table top easels or desk easels are smaller and more portable than normal artist easels. If you prefer to be seated when painting, or your artist studio is lacking in large amounts of space, then a table easel is the perfect solution for you.

Additionally, if you prefer to work on a smaller canvas, a desktop easel might be ideal. Large table easels are ideal for larger artwork if floor space is in short supply, with the benefit of portability. Using a desk easel, you can easily move your canvas to use the tables for other activities, like dining or other crafts.

Types of Table Top Easel 

With our range of table easels, you can select the best kind of easel to suit your needs. Whether you require built-in storage, a simple set-up, or a lightweight and portable option, our range is sure to include the perfect desk easel for you. Our tabletop easels for artists are suitable for beginners as well as very experienced professionals. Different easel types have a variety of options for adjustments, which are important for comfort if artists are working on heavily detailed work.

Whether you are searching for a table top wooden art easel for your next project, like this Simply Table Easel from Daler-Rowney, a box tabletop easel for painting for a more portable option with storage, or simply a small table easel for display purposes, like this Rathbone Table Easel, Cowling & Wilcox have affordable options from great artist brands. 

Browse our selection of desktop easels and shop online today.

Using Desktop Easels

Tabletop easels are very easy to store and set up. Most involve simply unfolding the structure and ensuring the angle suits your painting or drawing style. You can store desk easels vertically or horizontally and they will allow you to work on your artistic project while sitting at a desk or table, which many artists find to be more comfortable. 

In terms of artist mediums, table easels are ideal for any materials. Their sturdy nature makes them great for oil, acrylic, and watercolour paints, as well as artist pencils, pastels, charcoal, and much more.

To add to their uses, desk easels can also be used for display purposes. Whether you’re exhibiting your work at an art show or hosting an event, table easels could be the elegant touch you need. Desk easels elevate artwork, menu, or seating arrangements

Desk Easel Brands

Brand can make a huge difference to a product, particularly when it comes to easels. We sell branded products that are available at a great price, from leading manufacturers such as Jakar, Royal & Langnickel and Daler-Rowney. We also stock a wide range of desk easels from our very own brand, combining excellent quality with affordable prices, great for students or beginner artists.


Choosing a Table Easel

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to choosing your own desktop easel. Here are the characteristics of an excellent table easel. Think about the following areas before deciding on your purchase:

  • Long-lasting: Table easels are simply designed, but that should not compromise durability. 

  • Stability: If you are using mediums that require tougher brushstrokes or involve pressing harder to get a more vibrant colour, you should consider the sturdiness of your desktop easel before purchasing.

  • Size and Portability: If you are more of an on-the-go artist, portability will be more of a focus for your choice in easel. This will involve the weight of the easel as well as how small it can fold down to.