Pens, Markers & Inks

Pens, Markers & Inks 

Pens, markers and ink, oh my! From great brands like Liquitex, Sharpie and Staedtler, we offer a brilliant range of fine liner pens, gel pens, drawing pens, calligraphy pens, inks and more. Take your pick and order today!
  • Calligraphy

    The ancient art of Calligraphy has been around for hundreds of years, adorning many beautiful books and treaties. Having increased in popularity in the past few years, with thanks to online platforms such as Instagram, it is now easier than ever to have a go at this beautiful art form. Whether you are handmaking invitations or creating stunning headers for your bullet journal, our range of calligraphy products will help you create the best typography for your project. Suited to both beginners and lifelong typographers, our high-quality products will help you take your creations to the next level. For instance, our calligraphy pen by Edding will help you in your future lettering plans, with smooth-flowing, black ink of the highest quality and featuring a square cut nib, perfect for everything from tags to posters. Whatever your calligraphy project, let Cowling and Willcox kit you out with the best equipment at an affordable price.

  • Inks

    When it comes to creating beautiful script, it is important to have high quality ink for your calligraphy pen, brush or quill. Ink is an ancient medium, usually purchased in liquid form and traditional in black or brown colour. However, at Cowling and Wilcox we supply ink in an entire range of coloured dyes and pigments to suit any artist style. Ink can be used in art for a wide range of practices, including drawing and writing. When using quality ink in your artwork, your piece will survive for decades due to its high performance. Our range of inks are from trusted brands such as Winsor & Newton and Liquitex. Shop online today.

  • Markers

    We stock the best quality markers from the most trusted brands in the business, including Winsor & NewtonLetraset and Sharpie. Whether you’re looking for promarkers, fine markers or something else, we have a variety of quality products to suit. Our range includes different sized marker sets so that you don’t have to buy more than you require. We sell markers individually, so you could even buy just the one to replace in your set of materials. Our collection includes many diverse tones and colours to make sure that you have the right kind of colour for your project. We have sets of markers for skin tones, pastel tones and many more available at great online prices. This means we can provide the right kind of markers, no matter whether they’re for professional or casual use. We also stock a range of pads and paper perfect for use with markers, including bleedproof marker pads

    Our range of markers are ideal for a number of creative pursuits, from professional artists and illustrators to students, beginners and amateurs. We stock an amazing array of brush markers for lettering and bullet journalling to ProMarkers for bold strokes. If you're looking for some inspiration for how to use our range of markers, make sure to visit our blog where we share plenty of ideas for how to use our marker products when creating your next masterpiece. 

  • Pens
    Whether you're looking for a coloured, dip, fineliner or gel pen, we have the selection of pens for you. Pens inspire creativity, so select a pen that is right for you. We have pens for jotting, pens for bullet journaling, pens for technical art, and much more. Having a reliable pen by your side is the key to effective note taking in any environment. At Cowling and Wilcox, we supply high quality pens at affordable prices, from leading brands such as Tombow, Faber-Castell and Staedtler. Shop online today.
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The very best pens are comfortable to hold and effortless to use. With our vast range of pens, markers and inks you’re bound to find the right fit! Fulfil your writing needs with one of our fine liner, gel or calligraphy pens, from big names such as Staedtler and Sharpie. For drawing, we have a whole host of markers to choose from, allowing you to produce a wide variety of colouring techniques. Try something new with one of our many sets or stock up your existing collection with some brand new colours from manufacturers you can rely on, like Winsor & Newton. Just make sure you have plenty of paper!