Pastels & Charcoal

Pastels & Charcoal 

Explore our excellent range of pastels and charcoals from leading brands such as Faber Castell. All at discount prices. Place your order today!
  • Charcoal

    Charcoal is known as one of the oldest drawing materials, and dates back over 30,00 years. Charcoal is a form of dry medium, composed of ground organic materials. Artists use charcoal to create depth, and brilliant bold studies. Charcoal can be easy blended by a tool or simply your finger, and is a great medium for both amateurs and professional artists. At Cowling and Wilcox we supply a wide range of charcoals from leading brands such as Coates and Jakar. Shop online now.

  • Hard Pastels

    Hard pastels are made from similar ingredients to soft pastels, yet typically contain more binder and less pigment. Whilst the colour of hard pastels may not be as intense, they do not crumble and are therefore a brilliant choice for on-the-go artists. Hard pastels allow for clean lines, and offer a nice opportunity to create dramatic marks on paper. Hard pastels are slightly more difficult to blend than soft pastels, so are therefore a good choice for architects or minimalist artists. At Cowling and WIlcox we supply hard pastels from leading brands such as Conté Carres. Shop online today.

  • Oil Pastels
    Oil pastels are a wonderful and versatile medium that has been capturing artists since the mid 1900s. Oil pastels are essentially soft, oily crayons that are highly pigmented and highly blendable. You can even use them on a variety of surfaces, which is why so many creative people are a fan of oil pastel art. Oil pastel techniques vary, though they are a very dynamic medium so your ownly limit is your creativity! Many artists find oil pastel drawing to be a liberating creative experience, so make sure to shop our range of oil patels and get started today. 
  • Pastel Pencils
    These high quality pastel pencils are perfect for on-the-go art, with the added benefit of creating significantly less mess than a traditional pastel. We supply individual and pastel pencil sets from trusted brands such as Faber-Castell. Take a look at our brilliant range of pastel pencils, available at discounted prices from Cowling & Wilcox, today.
  • Soft Pastels

    Drawing with soft pastels is undoubtedly unique. The dry colour of the soft pastels glides onto the surface of the paper with pure pigment. Soft pastels are great to blend too, and can be done so with a tool or your finger. Since pastels can often be related to painting mediums, you can approach them with the same technique. Similarly with painting mediums, soft pastel colours can be layered with several applications to create a strong sense of depth and tone. At Cowling and Wilcox we supply a wide range of soft pastels, both individually and in sets. We stock soft pastels from leading brands, such as Royal & Langnickel and Faber-Castell. Shop online today.

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Both pastels and charcoal are ideal for that immediate, hands-on approach to creating artwork. There’s nothing quite like using your finger to blend pigments together and create beautiful pieces that make fantastic use of colour and shade. Whether you’re using a wax, oil or soft pastels, charcoal or carbon pencils we’d recommend that you use a good fixative to preserve your work and ensure it lasts for as long as possible.