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Da Vinci

Made in Germany using the highest quality materials, most modern production techniques, and all whilst honouring the traditional craft they descend from, you are unlikely to find anything better than Da Vinci brushes. With something for every occasion, you are going to struggle to find a Da Vinci brush you aren’t happy with. From travel sets and craft ranges, to detail and square top brushes, their range covers brushes suited to all types of mediums.

We also stock both Da Vinci synthetic and natural-haired brushes, so all preferences are covered. If you are a beginner, be sure to check out our range of Da Vinci brush sets, which will set you up for all your upcoming projects as you delve into the art world. We also have more specialist brushes from Da Vinci, perfect for the professional or more experienced painter looking to experiment with new techniques. Whether you see yourself as the next Monet, or Da Vinci himself, you can be assured that you are taking a step in the right direction by purchasing a high-quality Da Vinci brush from Cowling and Wilcox. Now get creating!

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