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Watercolour Brushes

Our collection of watercolour paint brush sets and single watercolour brushes are perfect for both professional and amateur artists. Order Online! Read More

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We have what you are looking for with our collection of watercolour paint brush sets and brushes perfect for working with watercolours. No matter whether you are a professional artist or you are an amateur looking to find some good starter brushes, we have the perfect range of quality watercolour brushes as well as budget options to get you started. It is important to find the right watercolour paint brushes to achieve the right finish in your artwork.

Our range offers both individual watercolour brushes and watercolour brush sets. Browse the selection, including products from established art brands like Pro Arte watercolour brush sets and Da Vinci brush sets. If you are an amateur and are starting out with watercolours then some of the best sets for you would be synthetic brushes. This Pro Arte synthetic watercolour brush set is a great budget starter option if you are looking to get into painting.

What is a Mop Brush Watercolour?

A mop brush watercolour is a round large brush, generally used for watercolour painting to cover large areas of the painting. This would usually be used for colouring things like sky or water in a piece of work but can be used for all kinds of brush strokes. You will often find a mop brush in watercolour paint brush sets.