You can’t put a price on a quality brush, but fortunately with our excellent value range of brushes price isn’t a worry. Although any brush can be used with any type of paint, choosing the right brush according to paint type, viscosity, medium, solvents used and surface to be painted, will offer you the best results.

Natural hair brushes are great for watercolour painting – the softer the better. They hold large amounts of paint or water which is necessary for watercolour. Red sable is considered to be the best choice as sable hair comes to a fine needle-like point with excellent spring and resilience. Synthetic hair is now so good that many watercolourists prefer them to natural hair - particularly if price and durability is an issue.

For oils and acrylics, we recommend bristle brushes as they have the ability to carry large amounts of paint and work fantastically with a heavier body. Bristle brushes are more likely to be used in the beginning stages of a painting to distribute the paint and establish brush strokes. They’re incredibly durable and sturdy.

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