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Studio Easels

We stock a variety of studio easels to suit your needs. Browse our selection of quality easels from brands like Windsor & Newton and Daler-Rowney. View now. Read More

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Artist studio easels are built to be sturdy and reliable, for long term use in your artist space. For a large easel to be a permanent feature of your art workshop or studio, it should be perfectly chosen for your specific art style and preferred size of your work. We offer studio easels that are made to last and come in various designs to suit varying needs and tastes. Studio easels are ideal for artists who prefer to work within their studio set up and not out in the field, meaning they are built for quality rather than for ease of portability.

How to Choose a Studio Easel

We understand that you will prioritise quality when it comes to investing in an artist studio easel. Our studio easels are made from high-quality wood, with many of them being handcrafted easels. Whether you prefer to create your masterpieces on an H-frame or an A-frame easel, you’ll have a variety to choose from with our range.

Choosing the right artist studio easel should be a personal decision for you. You should consider the space that you have at your disposal, your budget, and the style of art you will be creating. For example, if you like to work with gentle brushstrokes or pencil lines, a less sturdy A-frame easel will suit your artist style perfectly. However, for more rough and expressive artists, the more sturdy large H-frame easel style will provide the stronger surface you need to create your desired artwork. Large canvases and heavier mediums are, naturally, easier to deal with on large easels.

  • H-Frame Studio Easels: H-frame easels are, of course, shaped like the letter H. These studio easels are known for their sturdy base, but have the downside of taking up more room in your artist studio. As a large easel, these are best for people wanting to create larger scale art, and a large h frame easel is perfect for those using heavier mediums, like collage and thick paint.

  • A-Frame Studio Easels: As the name suggests, these easels are triangular in shape with 2 legs in front and 1 in the back as a support. If space in your artist studio is tight, these relatively large easels are still easily slotted into corners and can fold away to be stored flat.

 Easels are also available as display easels, which come in a variety of sizes and colours, from giant easels to miniature easels and everything in between. Large easels, like studio easels, are also ideal for displaying work at art exhibitions.


Artist Studio Easel Brands

We stock various high-quality studio easel brands to suit your art style. Professional and amateur artists alike will love wooden studio easels from Winsor & Newton, Daler-Rowney, and our own Cowling & Wilcox range.

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