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Whether you are looking for Canvas, Paints, Pencils, Markers, Craft Materials, Adhesives & Tapes or other Artists' Accessories, we have it. Everything we stock comes from leading brands like Faber-Castell and Winsor & Newton - all at discount prices.
  • Adhesives & Tapes

    An artists' studio is incomplete without the essentials, and for those, we've got you covered. If you're looking for a strong adhesive to display your artwork, then choose from our wide selection of 3M sprays. We have all purpose adhesives and glues to suit all of your art-making needs, designed to fit an entire range of different techniques. At Cowling & Wilcox, we supply adhesives and tapes from some of the UK's most reputable art brands, such as Tombow and Sakura. Browse our brilliant selection of adhesives and tapes today. Shop online today.

  • Artists' Accessories

    Finding the perfect accessory can change the way you work and help improve your output. From palette knives to manikins, putty rubbers and colour wheels, with us you can find the tools you really need. Why not pick a colourful Pantone accessory to brighten up your workspace?

  • Brushes

    You can’t put a price on a quality brush, but fortunately, with Cowling and Wilcox’s excellent value range of artist brushes, price isn’t a worry. We have a brush for every need and purpose, whether you are creating a watercolour triptych or the world’s smallest oil-on-canvas. No matter your choice of surface, whether it's stretched linen canvas or watercolour paper, our brushes will help you create the perfect masterpiece.

    Natural hair brushes are great for watercolour painting – the softer the better. They hold large amounts of paint or water which is necessary for this medium. Red sable is considered to be the best choice for artist brushes, as sable hair comes to a fine needle-like point with excellent spring and resilience. Synthetic hair is now so good that many watercolourists prefer them to natural hair - particularly if price and durability is an issue.

    For oils and acrylics, we recommend bristle artist brushes as they have the ability to carry large amounts of paint and work fantastically with a heavier body. Bristle artist brushes are more likely to be used in the beginning stages of a painting to distribute the paint and establish brush strokes. They’re incredibly durable and sturdy.

    Across all of our brush types, we offer a variety of excellent value brush sets. Brush sets are a perfect option for those who are new to painting and would like to quickly and affordably expand your brush collection. Our stock includes options like acrylic brush sets, oil brush sets, watercolour brush sets and more. Our brush sets include a variety of materials, including natural and synthetic fibres and include many different sizes and uses. 

    Whatever your material of choice, we have a range of shapes and sizes of brush to choose from, with both synthetic and natural hair options available. Whether you are a professional or beginner, we have the brush for you – so start browsing now

    How do you use paint brushes?

    There are a variety of different techniques used with and without paint brushes and with different mediums. Techniques will depend on what effect you are trying to achieve and also the properties of the paint you are working with. You can paint with dry brushes, wet brushes and even with rubbing alcohol to achieve interesting effects. For more details, visit our blogs for Amazing Acrylic Painting Techniques and Watercolour Techniques To Try.

    How do you clean paint brushes?

    The quality of your brush can make or break your paintings. Maintaining your brushes by cleaning them and applying preserver will lengthen their life and make painting with them a lot easier. For best results, you should clean your brushes immediately after use to prevent paint hardening and damaging softer bristles. Don’t be tempted to leave your brushes in water for long periods, as this can be as damaging as leaving covered in paint.

    When using paints that harden quickly, like acrylic and some oil paints, water often won’t be enough. We recommend using a brush cleaner, such as Da Vinci’s Brush Soap or Daler Rowney’s Brush Cleaner, to ensure your bristles remain soft and malleable for your next painting. Following this, you can apply a brush preserver to ensure that your brushes stay soft whilst you aren’t using them. 

    What is better: synthetic or natural brushes?

    Synthetic and Natural brushes both have their advantages and which one you choose can have a variety of influences. 

    Just like the name suggests, natural brushes are made from animal hairs such as hog, sable and bader. These natural hairs are very soft and are great at picking up and distributing large amounts of paint. Their softness reduces streaks and their paint-pick up can speed up painting times. However, these bristles do have a tendency to shed and split, meaning that accurate and precise lines can be difficult to achieve.

    The more modern development of synthetic brushes has fixed some of the problems associated with natural brushes: Synthetic bristles don’t shed and are great at maintaining their shape for detailed work. They create a smooth finish and are, for the most part, cheaper than their natural counterparts. Maintaining these brushes is vital as with quick-hardening paints the bristles can be difficult to clean. Synthetic fibres are a more popular choice, but when using more natural paints, such as oils or clay-based paint, natural brushes might give a softer finish.

    What are the best brands for brushes?

    There are many factors that can influence your decision on a brush - shape, size, durability. But with Cowling & Wilcox’s selection of quality brands, you’ll be sure to find the right brush for your needs. Below are just some of the great brands we have in stock:

    • Daler-Rowney: Daler-Rowney are one of the world’s leading art manufacturers. No matter your artistic ability or your budget, Daler-Rowney offers a great brush selection.

    • Pro Arte: As the UK’s leading brushmaker, Pro Arte are one of the most recognisable brushes in the world. They offer brushes for watercolour and oil paints in a variety of materials, ensuring you can choose the right option for your style and medium.

    • Da Vinci: Renowned for being some of the best brushes in the world, Da Vinci are the masters of the watercolour brush. Made in Germany using the best materials and fine craftsmanship, you’ll notice the difference in these quality brushes.

    • Jakar: Jakar brushes are great for those who want quality brushes without the price. They are popular amongst students and people just starting to paint.

    • Winsor & Newton: For over a century, Winsor & Newton have been making the finest quality brushes. They have ranges of synthetic as well as natural brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes for any purpose.

  • Canvas

    Happiness is a blank canvas waiting for that first pencil mark or stroke of a paintbrush. Whatever your desired medium or level of expertise, we have the best artist canvas for your needs. Cotton canvas is fantastic for a wide range of purposes and is especially suited for acrylic and oil paints. For more professional use we’d recommend linen artist canvas, and for watercolour we offer a great selection of canvas board. All of our artist canvas comes in many different sizes, from some of the best brands including Winsor & Newton, Reeves and Johanna Basford. All of our artist canvas comes in many different sizes, including A1, A2, A3 and A4. Our range of artist canvas includes blank canvas boards and pads, canvas rolls, framed canvas and stretched canvas. Start browsing our artist canvases now from leading brands like Winsor & Newton, Reeves and Johanna Basford.

    Do you need to use canvas for painting?

    Looking at canvas can be daunting and it might be tempting to stay on paper or sketchbooks. However, using canvas has many benefits for your art. Canvas is far more durable than paper, meaning that you can layer more paint for a more textured composition. Your art will also last longer on canvas than paper, especially if you varnish your finished work. 

    There are of course other options depending on your preferred painting style. Read blogs on our website to be inspired and find out How To Paint On Wood and more.

    Can you paint straight on to canvas?

    Before putting paint directly on the canvas, it’s important to prime your canvas. It is recommended to use Gesso, like Winsor and Newton’s Galeria Gesso, when priming. This first layer protects the fibres of the canvas from damage and provides a base layer for your colours to stand out against. Your paint will go further, as it will not be absorbed by the canvas.

    Priming your canvas can also soften the canvas surface, making it kinder on your brushes so they do not deteriorate as quickly. However, at Wilcox and Cowling we offer a range of primed canvas, such as the Cowling & Wilcox White Primed Cotton Canvas Roll, so that you don’t have to. For more details on priming, check out our Tips For Priming A Canvas on our blog.

    How do you paint on canvas?

    The first step for painting on canvas is to prime the surface and let the Gesso dry completely. It is then possible for you to inspect your painting surface and carefully sand down any unwanted textures - but be careful not to remove too much of the primer you just applied!

    After primer, many artists use a toner. This is a light wash of paint, usually mixed with a solvent, that will show through the next layers of paint. This colour can set the tone for the rest of the piece, i.e. a grey or blue backwash best suits a cold or misty landscape, however you can pick a contrasting backwash for a more experimental piece. During this step, you can also sketch the outline of any objects in your painting. 

    Next is to get painting! Visit our blogs on our website for inspiration on what to paint or more details on How to Paint on Canvas.

  • Craft Materials &...

    You can create until your heart’s content with our fantastic range of craft supplies! We're one of the biggest suppliers of craft products in the UK, with thousands of lines available from beads and jewellery to decoupage, modelling, home decor and textiles. We've got everything from the basics (such as paper and card) to specialist craft materials and decorations. We also have an excellent selection of children’s craft kits to keep young ones amused and help unleash their creativity.

  • Easels

    Whether you're a wonder with watercolours or an acrylic enthusiast, you’ll need a solid and affordable artist’s easel. When finding the perfect artist's easel, sturdiness is key, which is why we only supply stock from the best brands, including Daler-Rowney, Loxley and Jakar. Browse our range of studio easels and table easels, perfect for your day-to-day projects. Or, invest in a portable field easel for creating artwork on location. Our range includes professional artist easels and those suitable for beginners alike. Our selection of artist's easels will also suit a variety of canvas sizes, leaving you free to create art at a number of scales.

    Whether you're a wonder with watercolours or an acrylic enthusiast, you’ll need a solid and affordable artist’s easel. When finding the perfect artist's easel, sturdiness is key, which is why we only supply stock from the best brands, including Daler-Rowney, Loxley and Jakar. Browse our range of studio easels and table easels, perfect for your day-to-day projects. Or, invest in a portable field easel for creating artwork on location. Our range includes professional artist easels and those suitable for beginners alike. Our selection of artist's easels will also suit a variety of canvas sizes, leaving you free to create art at a number of scales.

    Artist's easels vary in cost and quality, and you'll find that our range has something to offer every artist, no matter budget, space or preference. No studio is complete without an artist's easel, whether you prefer the highly adjustable functions of a radial easel, a sturdy H-frame easel which will accommodate larger boards and canvases, or a compact field easel, there is something in our range for each and every artist.  Get stuck in and shop our range of affordable easels today - from professional artist’s easels fit for the best equipped studio, or portable easels perfect for students. 

    Main Types of Easel

    The main types of easels for artists include portable easels, studio easels, table easels and sketching easels. There are many more names for easels but all main types can be divided into these categories.

    We explain each of the main types of easels and which would be perfect for you;

    • Portable Easels - these are generally full length easels that fold easily and can be used if you are working outdoors or on-site.

    • Studio Easels - these come in a range of different sizes but are generally intended to stay in one studio and are not easily portable.

    • Table Easels - smaller easels intended to be placed on a table top, these are perfect if you are limited on space or prefer sketching and painting while seated.

    • Sketching Easels - these are a combination of portable and studio easels and are designed for people that prefer sketching to painting.

    Do you need an easel to paint?

    Easels are by no means a necessity when it comes to painting. If you feel more comfortable not using one, it is absolutely fine to paint however you want. However, it is worth trying one out to see how it feels. It may feel strange at first with your painting hand having no support, but as your painting is in a more upright position, your shoulders and arms are more free and can make your strokes bigger and more expressive. 

    When you are drawing from life, an easel can be a great help. As you are not constantly looking up at your subject, your measurements and proportions can be more accurately worked out, helping you to create more realistic artwork.


    How should an easel be set up?

    There is no perfect position for an easel to be in. It is simply important that it feels comfortable for you. There are a few factors you should bear in mind when adjusting your easel. If you are drawing from life, make sure that your easel is angled so that you have a good view of your subject. The height and the angle at which your surface is sitting are both factors entirely up to you and what is comfortable whilst you work. Don’t forget to use your clamps to keep your surface still as you paint to give you the desired finish.


    What are the best easels?

    The best easel for you will depend on your materials and your personal preferences. Cowling & Wilcox have a great selection, below are some excellent options from our range or brands:

    • Cowling & Wilcox: Our own range of easels offer a professional-looking affordable option. We have easels for every purpose so that you can find the right one for you. 

    • Daler-Rowney: The different ranges offered by Daley-Rowney mean that whatever medium you use to paint, you can find your perfect match. Whether you’re just starting to use an easel or you’re a seasoned professional looking to freshen up your studio, you’re sure to find a quality easel from Daler-Rowney.

    • Jakar: These super light-weight aluminium easels are super easy to transport and set up. Whilst they offer no tilt, they make great field easels for painters that want to be up-close and personal to their subjects.

    • Winsor & Newton: Made from quality beechwood, Winsor & Newton easels provide a solid surface for even the biggest of canvases. 

    • Loxley: Loxley are known for their quality easels and affordable prices. For a professional finish, Loxley is a great choice.

    • Quantum: For fun, quality and affordable table easels, Quantum easels create a solid surface for your painting. These incredible easy-to-transport easels even make a great gift for budding artists.

  • Mediums & Varnishes

    Mediums can be a very important tool when painting, affecting many elements of the performance of a particular paint. A variety of painting styles can benefit from the use of mediums, but perhaps the most common is oil painting. Oil paint mediums are an important part of the oil painting process. While you can work with oils without using a medium, this completely changes the process and many artists find this to be a very difficult way to work.

    Depending on the item you use, the right medium can alter drying time to achieve either a slow drying time or a faster one. Mediums can also manipulate consistency and the finish of a painting. We carry a wide range of mediums including oils such as Linseed oil, varnishes, liquin, solvents, pouring mediums and more, from leading brands like Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and Schmincke. Our range will allow you to find the perfect oil painting medium recipe to create just the effect you are looking for with your oils.

  • Pads, Paper, Board &...

    Is there anything more satisfying than a brand new clean pad to start drawing on? We don’t think there is. We have an extensive collection of papers and pads, meaning you’ll never be stuck for choice in finding the best materials for your needs. Not only do our products offer excellent quality, we also sell them at the best price. Our collection ranges from everything from sketchbooks and tracing paper to coloured cards and boards. Whatever your chosen medium, there’s plenty of choice at Cowling and Wilcox. Regardless of whether you’re working with pencil, marker pens, watercolour, oils or acrylics, we have the paper, boards and notebooks for you. We even have a fantastic array of foam and mount boards for all of your presentation needs, and all of our products offer a durable surface for you to work with, and with such a good price tag, tearing out a page to start again is affordable!

  • Paints

    We’re proud to be able to bring you the finest quality paints, whether you’re an experienced artist or an aspiring novice. Whatever your chosen medium, we’ve got you covered – from the smoothest oil paints to the chunkiest acrylics and the most vibrant watercolours. Our wide selection of leading brands such as Schmincke and Winsor & Newton gives you an extensive choice over finding the perfect paint to create your next piece of artwork with. We also offer a wide range of paint sets which serve as superb gifts for artists of all ages, or as the perfect starter kit for painters looking for the essentials. Finish your masterpiece off with one of our many mediums and varnishes. Whether you’re looking to extend the usability of your paint or simply to protect and preserve your artwork, we’ve got you covered. We also stock a fantastic range of brushes, canvas and easels to help you create your next painting masterpiece.

  • Pastels & Charcoal

    Both pastels and charcoal are ideal for that immediate, hands-on approach to creating artwork. There’s nothing quite like using your finger to blend pigments together and create beautiful pieces that make fantastic use of colour and shade. Whether you’re using a wax, oil or soft pastels, charcoal or carbon pencils we’d recommend that you use a good fixative to preserve your work and ensure it lasts for as long as possible.

  • Pencils

    The pencil is the most traditional and essential tool for artists the world over. They are ideal for creating intricate and detailed pieces as much as they are for creating a rough sketch or draft. A good pencil has to be able to stand a lot of punishment and make it easy for the artist to execute an idea as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

    In manufacturing a pencil, clay and graphite are mixed in varying proportions to produce the various degrees of hardness: More graphite gives a Blacker result and more clay gives a Harder line. These degrees vary from, 9B which gives the softest and blackest lines to 9H, which is very hard but paler in colour. HB is halfway with 50-50 clay and graphite.

    We have an extensive array of sketching and drawing pencils and sets, as well as a whole host of coloured pencils from long-established brands such as Faber-Castell. Whether you’re a sketcher, doodler or colourist, we have you covered. Just don’t forget your sharpener, erasers and to shop our range of pads, paper and board

  • Pens, Markers & Inks

    The very best pens are comfortable to hold and effortless to use. With our vast range of pens, markers and inks you’re bound to find the right fit! Fulfil your writing needs with one of our fine liner, gel or calligraphy pens, from big names such as Staedtler and Sharpie. For drawing, we have a whole host of markers to choose from, allowing you to produce a wide variety of colouring techniques. Try something new with one of our many sets or stock up your existing collection with some brand new colours from manufacturers you can rely on, like Winsor & Newton. Just make sure you have plenty of paper!

  • Presentation Portfolios

    We’re responsible for creating the very first artist portfolio in the 1960s and understand exactly how important having the right portfolio is for displaying your work. We have the widest and most exciting range you'll find and are at the forefront of seeking out the very best products on the market to add to our collection. As well as our large range of presentation portfolios and archival boxes we also offer customised products and a complete design-your-own service, giving you that extra special professional touch. Choose from a whole host of names synonymous with quality, including Pina Zangaro, Prat Pampa, Mapac, Permajet and more. Shop online today.

  • Technical Art Tools &...

    All of our technical tools and accessories offer everything you need for precise technical work. Our cutting mats, compasses and array of cutting tools go hand-in-hand for practical endeavours including paper crafts and the like. Choose the perfect ruler or French curve for creating top notch technical drawings, whether you work as a student or professional, and make the most of our Rotring sets to help you put together those fine and intricate pieces that can really show off your skillset.

  • Gift Vouchers

    We know it can be difficult choosing the right gift sometimes. Cowling & Wilcox Gift Vouchers allow you to show your appreciation for someone by allowing them to pick their perfect present. It's easy to do - you can buy a voucher online bewteen £5 and £250 and instantly send to your loved one.

    Recipients can check the balance of their Gift Vouchers by registering online and entering the voucher code. If you would like to buy Cowling & Wilcox Gift Vouchers for use in store please visit one of our shops and ask a memer of staff for details.

    Please Note: Our online Gift Vouchers may appear differently to the preview shown on the website and can only be sent and received via email. We are unable to physically send online Gift Vouchers.

  • Special Offers

    Don't miss out on our special offers on a wide range of products from leading brands including Daler-Rowney, Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and more. Keep up with our current special offers and benefit from even further reduced prices. Huge discounts available all year round!

  • Student Packs
  • Miscellaneous

    Looking for something not listed elsewhere? We have a fantastic selection of miscellaneous items and artist supplies such as books, framing supplies and more.

  • Artist Essentials...

    Don't miss out on our extra special offers under £5 from across our entire product range! Enjoy some fantastic discounts from all of your favourite leading brands including Daler-Rowney, Winsor & Newton, Faber-Castell and more. Offers available in-store & online.

  • Flash Sale: Up To 65%...

    Enjoy huge savings on graphic markers, sets and accessories this week only! We've offers on all of your favourite marker brands, including ProMarker, Copic, Liquitex and more. Sale ends at midnight on 01/08/21.

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We carry the highest quality art products and supplies from top brands like Faber-Castell, Winsor & Newton, Daler-Rowney, Reeves and more. At Cowling & Wilcox, our mission is to supply artists of all levels with the best products available for their creative journey. So, whether you’re a master oil painter or just starting out with watercolours or pastels, we stock everything you’ll need at affordable and competitive prices, from the early stages of sketching and planning through to finishing touches and presentation. Browse our range of vibrant paints, pencils, brushes, artist accessories, craft products and so much more.