Adhesives & Tapes

Adhesives & Tapes 

No artist should be without adhesives and tapes. Discover our range now, from 3M Spray Mount to strong adhesive tapes. Find out more!
  • Adhesives

    There are many different types of adhesives that can be used in the construction of various art styles. Whatever you need to stick, we're sure that our collection of adhesives can suit all of your requirements. Our selection of adhesives are safe and effective for general use, so it's time to get crafty! At Cowling and Wilcox, we supply an entire range of adhesives from leading brands, such as Tombow and Sakura. Shop online today.

  • Glue Guns

    Keep your crafts together with our selection of hot glue guns. Glue guns are perfect for an entire range of arts and crafts, and whether you're fixing previous artwork or creating something new, we have the glue gun for you. Hot glue guns use a heating element to melt the plastic glue when the gun is pushed. Easy to apply, our range of glue guns are perfect for a whole range of applications. Browse our selection of hot glue guns and accessories today. Shop now.

  • Putties
  • Sprays

    Spray adhesives are great for bonding things together for an art or craft project. Using a spray as a form of adhesive is practical in the sense that the aerosol covers a large surface area, without compromising strength. Our selection of adhesive sprays comes with speed and efficiency, and are quick to bond, making them the perfect addition to any artist's collection. Eliminate the time spent cleaning sticky glue brushes and cans with our range of adhesive sprays. At Cowling and Wilcox, we stock the finest 3M Sprays, which can be used for a wide range of applications. Used to bond heavy weight materials, these sprays are ideal for exhibition boards, mock ups, and mounting. Shop online today.

  • Tapes

    From masking tape to framing tape, we've got the perfect tape for you. We supply an extensive range of various tapes, suitable for any type of art project. Not only are our tapes available in a range of widths and lengths, but we also have various colours to choose from. If you're looking for a good quality masking tape to frame your painting, why not try our very own Cowling & Wilcox 50m Tape? Lightly crepped and available for general purpose use, this masking tape will prevent paint from bleeding and acts as a strong, sturdy barrier. Or if you require tape for creative application for bullet journals or card, our selection of Japanese washi tapes have got you covered. Shop online today.

  • Washi Tapes

    Typically used in bullet journaling and card making, washi tapes are decorative tapes used for a variety of crafts and DIY. Typically made from rice paper, these tapes are lightweight, low adhesive and delicate, making them the perfect solution for creating beautiful patterns and styles. The term 'washi' actually comes from the words 'Japanese Paper', and with intricate floral and artistic designs it is no wonder the popular tape originates from Japan. At Cowling and Wilcox, we have a wide range of washi tapes to fulfill all of your art and craft needs. Browse the selection and shop online today.

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An artists' studio is incomplete without the essentials, and for those, we've got you covered. If you're looking for a strong adhesive to display your artwork, then choose from our wide selection of 3M sprays. We have all purpose adhesives and glues to suit all of your art-making needs, designed to fit an entire range of different techniques. At Cowling & Wilcox, we supply adhesives and tapes from some of the UK's most reputable art brands, such as Tombow and Sakura. Browse our brilliant selection of adhesives and tapes today. Shop online today.