Oil Paints

Oil Paints 

Explore our range of oil paints, available in tubes, sticks & bars from leading art brands like Winsor & Newton and Daler-Rowney. Shop 100s of colours now!
  • Water-Mixable Oils

    Windsor & Newton’s Artisan Water-Mixable Oil Colours range come in a variety of 40 resplendent shades. This unique line of paints is special because they do not require the use of solvents, and instead, Artisan Water-Mixable Oil Colours can be thinned down with just water. This makes Winsor & Newton Artisan Water-Mixable Oil colours an easy to use and easy to clean way to paint with oils. This range of water-mixable oil paints also allows clean mixing. The sophisticated science behind Winsor & Newton Artisan Water-Mixable Oil colours are a stable emulsion in which the safflower and linseed oils have been modified, therefore allowing the colour to accept water. Start creating wonderful oil paintings with Artisan Water-Mixable Oil Colours from Windsor & Newton, and make sure to also browse or range of oil paint brushes for the perfect pairing. 

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At Cowling & Willcox, our range of oil paints includes those of the best quality from leading art brands such as Winsor & Newton, Daler-Rowney and Michael Harding. We provide starter sets and professional oil paint sets for artists, alongside individual oil paints; so you can get the complete range or just individual colours you need to restock in your studio.

Oil paint is a slow drying medium that offers excellent blending opportunities. We recommend exploring our Mediums & Varnishes to pick up all the supplies you’ll need to paint and finish in oils. Browse our extensive range of oil paint tubes, sticks and bars to get started on your next masterpiece! You can also browse our range of oil painting brushes to find the perfect tool.