C.R.P. Picture Cleaner (120ml)

  • For cleansing, reviving & preserving
  • Replaces soap and water, which may harm some paintings
  • Does not attack varnish or old paint surfaces
  • Revives dull varnish
  • Use on any painting or polished surface

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This is a brilliant wax emulsion for oil paintings, sculptures and any painted surfaces. It is designed for the cleansing, reviving, preserving of oil paintings, objets d’art, sculpture, any painted and polished surfaces. It is not designed for drawings, watercolours or pastels.

C. R. P. Picture Cleaner cleanses surfaces from dirt, replacing soap and water, which may harm certain paintings. It does not attack the varnish or old paint surfaces. It is also great for reviving old varnish that has become dull. A must-have for thise that treasure their paintings.

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