Happiness is a blank canvas waiting for that first pencil mark or stroke of a paintbrush. Whatever your desired medium or level of expertise, we have the best artist canvas for your needs. Cotton canvas is fantastic for a wide range of purposes and is especially suited for acrylic and oil paints. For more professional use we’d recommend linen canvas, and for watercolour we offer a great selection of canvas board. All of our artist canvas comes in many different sizes, from some of the best brands including Winsor & Newton, Reeves and Johanna Basford. 

  • Accessories
  • Canvas Boards & Pads

    Perfect for the artist on the go, our selection of canvas boards and pads come in a variety of sizes to suit your next creation. Whether you’re looking for a ready-to-use canvas pad for painting in the studio or on location, or you’re fond of using watercolours on a sturdy canvas board, our range is ideal for any medium, including acrylics and oils.

  • Canvas Rolls

    If you love the process of stretching your own canvas before creating your masterpiece, we have a great range of canvas rolls to suit your needs. We stock primed and unprimed canvas rolls available in cotton and linen, made from high quality and tightly woven fibres, allowing you to stretch effortlessly and use with all media.

  • Colouring-In Canvas

    The colouring-in craze has taken the world by storm! Our varied range of colouring-in canvas is perfect for anyone looking to create a beautiful and vibrant work of art with markers, pens or paint. With individual print designs available from Johanna Basford for a more advanced project to packs containing designs perfect for children, our selection of quality colouring-in canvas offers something for everyone!

  • Framed Canvas

    Perfect for showcasing your next work of art, a framed canvas offers that finishing touch! We offer an excellent selection of framed canvas, available in different styles and sizes ranging from simple wood to antique finishes. Each of our stylish frames comes with a high-quality canvas panel, ready for you to transform into a masterpiece!

  • Stretched Cotton Canvas

    With different sizes of stretched cotton canvas available, you can be sure we can provide everything. Our products are high-quality to make sure that you have the best materials when working on your art project. Canvas is perfect for all kinds of paint and is the surface or choice for most artists. Our products include a variety of sized canvas from some of the biggest brands such as Winsor & Newton and Reeves.

  • Stretched Linen Canvas
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