Nov 2021 Archive

How to Master Painting on Canvas with Acrylics

November 29, 2021

Painting with acrylics on canvas is a great way for beginners to get into the world of painting. At an affordable cost, you can purchase great quality paints with excellent colour pigments and minimal set-up before you begin painting. A highly versatile medium, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create an acrylic masterpiece on your canvas.

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The Best Art Galleries In The UK

November 18, 2021

The UK has a particularly strong artistic heritage, making it the perfect location to visit world-class art galleries and museums. Whether you’re a fan of classic collections or modern masterpieces, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to the best art galleries in the UK to help you plan your next visit.  The Serpentine Galleries, London […]

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Pastel Drawing Techniques for Artists of all...

November 09, 2021

Pastels are one of the easiest mediums to choose as a beginner to the art world. There is no preparation required, almost no clean up, you don’t need any other equipment or materials, and there is no waiting time needed before you can add to or move your artwork. Whether you like to work neatly or expressively, upright or flat, soft pastels are a great medium for artists of all levels.

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