Craft Materials & Decoration

Craft Materials & Decoration 

Calling all crafters! Whether you're after foam rollers, craft face masks, clay, foam stamps or anything else, we provide a great range to choose from at competitive prices. We stock everything you need for crafting so grab a crafty bargain today!
  • Block Printing

    Block printing is one of the oldest printing techniques, originating from Asia. While ancient methods used wooden blocks, lino is a much less labour-intensive option, ideal for artists, illustrators and hobbyists alike. We provide all of the products you need to get started, including lino blocks, lino cutters, lino rollers and printing inks. For more experienced printers, we also sell block printing presses. 

  • Children's Products

    There’s no denying the joy of making things – what better way to keep kids entertained? At Cowling & Wilcox we offer a range of supplies to suit all ages, from simple craft buckets and printing kits to more advanced origami sets. All of our products are competitively priced with fast delivery services, ideal for last-minute half-term projects or after-school clubs. 

  • Craft Brushes

    While bristle paint brushes are great for more textural work, they aren’t always ideal for craft projects. If you’re looking for a clean finish without brush marks, foam brushes could be the perfect solution, especially when using varnish. For more delicate projects, like model painting, Humbrol Evoco brushes are the best option, as they keep their shape for a prolonged period, minimising the risk of stray brush hairs leaving blemishes on your design.

  • Craft Paints

    As well as traditional artists paints, we offer a range of paints more suited to craft projects. Humbrol Acrylic Spray is ideal for coating large plastic surfaces, while Humbrol Enamel Paint is the perfect choice for use on ceramic, metal, glass and plastics. All of our craft paints are competitively priced and have fast delivery times. 

  • Craft Paper & Card

    Paper is a key element in any crafter’s arsenal. At Cowling & Wilcox, we offer a range of stencil card and crepe paper to help you get started on your next project. We also supply affordable sets of blank cards and envelopes, perfect for creating personalised greetings cards for friends and family; you could also use our block printing products to develop your own range of custom-designs.

  • Decoupage

    Decoupage is a traditional technique in which cut-out images are used to create beautiful designs on an object, before coating it in layers of varnish. The technique has seen a huge boom in popularity over recent years, thanks to new ‘upcycling’ trends, and can be used on furniture, frames, storage boxes and other objects. We offer a range of suitable decoupage papers in a variety styles, from classic florals to bright retro and monochrome designs. 

  • Face Painting

    Paint your face and have a fun themed party with our collection of water-based face paints, Grimas cake and playcolor make ups.

  • Glitter

    No craft kit is complete without glitter! To add delicate touches to craft projects like greetings cards, we recommend using glitter glue; it’s also safe to use with kids, and they’ll love adding sparkle to their imaginative creations. Alternatively, try our glitter spray for covering larger surface areas, or for use with stencils; you can create your own stencils using specialist stencil card

  • Miscellaneous

    Take a look at our selection of miscellaneous art products to suit your needs. Browse the range and shop online today!

  • Modelling & Moulding

    From clay to putty to casting plaster, modelling and moulding is a great hands-on craft suited to a range of skill levels. Here at Cowling & Wilcox, we have all the supplies you could need to get started. If pottery is your passion, why not invest in a pottery wheel and some tools for working with clay? Or pick up some casting plaster for use with moulds. We offer competitive prices and quick delivery, so your options are endless! 

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You can create until your heart’s content with our fantastic range of craft supplies! We're one of the biggest suppliers of craft products in the UK, with thousands of lines available from beads and jewellery to decoupage, modelling, home decor and textiles. We've got everything from the basics (such as paper and card) to specialist craft materials and decorations. We also have an excellent selection of children’s craft kits to keep young ones amused and help unleash their creativity.