Albrecht Dürer artists’ watercolour pencils from Faber-Castell provide artists with great versatility of expression when drawing, shading and painting in watercolours. High-quality materials, combined with over 250 years of experience, have resulted in pencils that produce unsurpassed watercolour effects and vibrancy.

Albrecht Dürer pencils are available in up to 120 colours that can be blended to form an unlimited number of new hues, either in sharp contrast to each other or merging imperceptibly. Whether you use them as pencils for adding detail, or as a convenient form of watercolour paints, these pencils are a fascinating medium that offer unlimited possibilities.

Exceptional Quality

These are incredibly sturdy and robust pencils, made to a very high standard. Faber-Castell are the world’s largest pencil manufacturer for good reason: they have been manufacturing art materials since 1761 and currently produce over 2 billion pencils per year.

Every Albrecht Dürer pencil includes a generous 5.3mm core, housed within a beautiful 8.3mm hexagonal barrel made from seasoned cedar wood. You’ll find that most water-soluble pencils are thicker than the usual standard as the materials used to create the cores have a different pigmentation. This extra thickness allows for extra coverage.

These pencils are designed with the artist in mind. For example, the hexagonal barrel is designed to prevent your pencils from rolling off of your desk and breaking the core inside. Also, each barrel includes the name of the pigment and the numerical code it corresponds with so that it’s easy for you to replace your pencils as they deplete.

Albrecht Durer Single Pencil

Unrivalled Lightfastness

Just to the side of the numerical code on the barrel is the lightfast star rating system, which allows you to choose your pigments according to their lightfastness. This is especially important if you are painting commissions and want to ensure that your artwork lasts a very long time.

Lightfastness refers to how long colours will remain as beautiful and bold as the day they were applied. If you intend to display your artwork in direct sunlight then you’re going to need to use pigments with a high lightfastness rating in order to preserve its appearance and ensure it doesn’t fade over time.

Faber-Castell make identifying the lightfastness of individual pigments very easy. Within the 120 set of Albrecht Dürer pencils, 64 are rated three stars, 48 pencils are rated two stars and only 8 pencils rated one star out of a possible three. This is an impressive number of highly lightfast pencils in such a large range. It’s incredibly difficult to offer 100% lightfast ratings across all pencils as, some pigments just don’t offer this ability.

Albrecht Durer Lightfastness Guide

Fantastic Performance

Performance is, of course, the most important aspect of the pencil. The Albrecht Dürer has a somewhat crumbly consistency when laying down dry colour onto watercolour paper. This allows the pigments to form an even mix that dissolves when you apply water. You shouldn’t expect this consistency with ordinary wax or oil based pencils.

Albrecht Durer Basic Techniques

With the strong and robust core, coverage is both smooth and consistent. They hold up very well to sharpening and don’t break when doing so, as some other watercolour pencils have a tendency to do. Low quality watercolour pencils can also tend to leave pencil marks under the paint. With Albrecht Dürer pencils, all of the paint dissolves and becomes the watercolour you want to paint with.

Available In A Number Of Sets

In addition to individual Albrecht Dürer colours, we offer an array of high quality set sizes to suit all budgets and needs.

Albrecht Durer Tin of 120

Choose from our set of 12, set of 24 and complete set of 120 colours, each presented in a beautiful metal tin for easy storage and presentation.

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