Halloween is nearly upon us, and that has many people considering how to decorate this year’s Jack O’Lantern. The Irish tradition of carving turnips for the ancient feast of Samhain has evolved over generations into what we now enjoy today as pumpkin carving for Halloween. The Irish took their traditions of carving a turnip with ghoulish expressions to ward off evil spirits with them to America, home of the pumpkin. Pumpkins are much easier to carve than a turnip, and so the tradition really took off. 

Carving pumpkins can be a messy project, and potentially dangerous for younger participants who aren’t quite ready to handle a sharp knife. Over the years, painting faces on pumpkins has become a popular alternative instead. This approach is safe and less messy – and great for crafty families using just a few art supplies! If you’re struggling to think of a fun way to decorate your pumpkin this year, read on to discover the best Halloween pumpkin painting ideas. There are plenty of pumpkin painting designs to choose from!

Go Abstract

You don’t have to paint a recognisable face or Halloween image on your pumpkin. Every street is lined with gurning grimaces and witches flying across the moon. So why not do something a little different? You can try painting your pumpkin with abstract shapes or icons, or even with an interesting variegated pattern that plays on the pumpkins natural colouring. 

Go Traditional 

There’s also nothing wrong with a traditional approach, of course. There are many creative Halloween pumpkin painting ideas you can seek inspiration from, including your favourite Halloween films, stories or legends. Haunted house scenes or sugar skulls associated with the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday make for a captivating pumpkin! Simply choose your favourite theme and create your very own pumpkin painting design.

Go Monochrome

Choosing a statement colour scheme always makes a big impact. Choose a simple monochrome scheme to give your pumpkins a classy paint job. Whether you stick to just black and white or incorporate a pop of gold or silver, your pumpkins are sure to catch the eye of the neighbours!

Character Creations

You can also take inspiration from your favourite cartoon, movie or fictional character. A few colours and symbols make it easy to recognise which famous character your pumpkin is an homage to! Take inspiration from your favourite fairy tale, a popular horror film, a Disney film or even something obscure like a cult classic! You can create your own creative pumpkin idea from anything you like. This princess painted pumpkin is the perfect example.

Tasty Inspiration

One of the best things about Halloween is all the sweets it’s acceptable to consume! Why not seek some pumpkin inspiration from one of your favourite treats?

Credit: Studio DIY

Get Extra Creative

If you want to combine another crafty approach with painting, you can really take your pumpkin decorating to the next level. By making use of an electric drill in combination with some craft paint, you can create some very unusual Halloween decor. Simply design an interesting pattern along which you can drill holes to make an amazing specimen of illumination. This is a great pumpkin painting idea for anyone who fancies a challenge!

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