Collage is a form of visual art that’s all about assembling multiple textures, materials, colours and anything else to make a unified piece of work. Collage is a flexible medium, and through layering techniques you’re able to create new and reworked pieces. There are several techniques to try when it comes to creating an abstract collage. By working with paper, for example, you can achieve a great variety of effects by using simple cut and paste techniques. You can also add texture by incorporating mixed media and materials.

There are endless ways to create abstract collages, and it’s all about finding a technique to suit your individual art style. Here are some great techniques you can try, as well as our tips on how to make your very own abstract collage. 

Supplies you may wish to use for your abstract collage:

Fragmented collage

Fragmented collage is a brilliant technique to use if you’re working with magazines and photographs. Full of bright images and colourful graphics, magazines in particular are good for creating vibrant fragmented collages.

Simply cut any images into fragments and rearrange them in an abstract format before gluing the pieces onto paper or canvas. When working with magazines and photographs, you’ll find lots of interesting and colorful images to experiment with to create a contemporary distorted or abstract effect.

This piece by collagist Johanna Goodman is a great example of how fragmented collage techniques can be used to create contemporary abstract art. The artist has incorporated a variety of images and has worked them together to create a beautiful fragmented collage. 

Pattern collage

Use various patterns in this form of collage to make your artwork more varied. You can find a great deal of colour, texture and patterns from scrap materials or magazines. This technique is all about finding complementary elements that you can pull together to create a great abstract piece. Find your favourite pattern and cut and arrange it onto your page. Add variation by adding solid colours and creating your own visual repetition.

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Paper collage

Using coloured paper and cards is a great way to construct your own abstract collage. You can create a wide range of interesting textures by tearing, cutting and feathering paper for your collage. Try layering various types of paper, such as tissue paper and cartridge paper, to create a contrast of textures. If you prefer a cleaner style of collage, use scissors or a guillotine to cut your paper into your desired shapes.

This abstract paper collage from RedBubble is a great representation of how bright and colourful a collage piece can be. The artist has used solid colour paired with various textures to create a vibrant piece of work. The artist here has even used various charcoal patterned techniques to compliment the bold use of torn paper.

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