There’s nothing quite like creating your own decorations to get into the festive spirit! Here’s our guide to making a beautiful golden wreath with some simple supplies that can be easily adapted according to your taste.

What You’ll Need:

– Holly
– Large Twigs or Bamboo
– Small Twigs
– Rosemary
– An Orange
– Pine Cones
– Small Plastic Baubles
– An Adhesive Glue or Glue Gun
Mod Podge
– Glitter
– Ribbon
– Gold Spray Paint
– General Purpose Varnish



Step 1 – Cut 6 large twigs or bamboo sticks of equal length and arrange in a hexagonal formation. Fix together using an adhesive. If you have access to a glue gun then we recommend using it for this step.


Step 2 – Wrap smaller twigs and sprigs of rosemary around your hexagon to strengthen the structure of the base. Flip over and arrange your holly in a similar fashion.



Step 3 – Spray the structure with some gold spraypaint. Don’t worry about getting a 100% even coating as some exposed green here and there looks great. Leave to dry.


Step 4 – Slice your orange into even pieces and leave to dry on a radiator or in the oven alongside your pine cones (this allows them to flower).


Step 5 – For extra sparkle you can add some Mod Podge and glitter to your pine cones.



Step 6 – Arrange the pine cones, baubles, ribbons and orange slices around your wreath in a fairly even formation. Once you’re happy with your formation fix everything in place using your adhesive.



Step 7 – Once dry, coat the entire wreath with a general purpose varnish. A spray varnish is most convenient for this purpose.


Step 8 – Add a nice thick ribbon or piece of string to the back of the wreath to hang on your wall or door. Bonus tip: if you’re hanging the wreath on your front door use a piece of fishing wire to fix the wreath to the letterbox. This will prevent it from blowing around if it gets windy.


And there you have it! All of the non-natural supplies necessary for this make are available in-store at great prices throughout the festive period. We’d love to see your wreaths as well – don’t forget to send us photos of your creations to

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