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Khadi Papers

Khadi Papers are manufactured at the brand’s South Indian paper mill using traditional and time-honoured methods. All of Khadi’s products are made using 100% cotton rag. 

What is Khadi Paper?

Khadi rag papers are unique and high-quality cotton paper. Genuine rag papers are rather rare, and Khadi creates theirs using traditional methods at their Indian paper mill. Cotton rags tend to have longer fibres, and the length of the cotton fibres is what makes Khadi products the strength and quality they have come to be synonymous with. Khadi source their cotton rag from t-shirt cuttings. 

Khadi papers are naturally acid-free, which ensures they will work well with a variety of mediums, including pens, markers, paints and more. Artists love working with Khadi Paper thanks to the variety of textures, styles, sizes and weights of available products.