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Originally founded in Hamburg as "Dennert & Pape", this company has been producing geodesic & mathematical instruments since 1862.
Changing their name in 1936, to the more recognisable Aristo, they are respected amongst both professionals & enthusiasts due to the high quality, yet affordable range of products they design.

To date, the Aristo drawing range is comprised of 500 instruments and is available in 50 countries worldwide, outside of their facility in Austria.

Produced the first mass-produced pocket calculator in Germany in 1927, the "Aristo M27", at the time only capable of 4 basic arithmetic solutions.
Most famous for developing the world's first ever plastic set square, their patented "geodreieck", manufactured millions of times, becoming the gold standard for schools & training throughout numerous countries.

 Aristo continue to manufacture in Austria and have become known throughout Europe as a leading supplier of classic geometry and technical drawing products to both the professional and education markets.