Bostik Original Blu Tack Handy

  • The original re-usable adhesive
  • Clean, safe and easy-to-use
  • Provides an ideal alternative to drawing pins and sticky tape
  • Stays flexible and won't dry out
  • Suitable for internal surfaces

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The original re-usable adhesive, Blu Tack is clean and safe, will not dry out and can be used for a variety of purposes. It's perfect for attaching items to walls, fixing items to your desk, preventing doors from slamming and so much more. Blu Tack is made for use at home, school or at the office, and is ideal for use with paper and card. 

Pinch off a small piece and apply it to almost any non-porous surface: painted walls, vinyl-coated wallpaper, glass or metal. You can hang up paper posters, laminated signs or small objects easily. Or use it to pick up small and fiddly items like screws or pins, affix phones and stationery to desks, or remove lint from clothes. Supplied in a 60g handy pack. Blu Tack has been made in Britain for 50 years and is CE approved.

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