Mod Podge is not just glue – it’s also a sealant and a finish! Discover why we think Mod Podge should be an essential part of your Christmas craft needs…

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Mod Podge can be used on absolutely anything, including furniture, glass, plastic, fabric, wood, decoupage and much much more! It’s water based and acrylic, which means it’s non-toxic so you can use it safely with your children without fear of intoxication. Once opened it should last up to a year and when sealed it lasts much longer. Here are some examples of the materials you can use Mod Podge on, along with some of our Christmas related craft ideas…


Turn your old buttons into baubles! This simple but elegant looking card is really easy to make and is infinitely customisable. Perfect for adding that homemade touch to your Christmas messages!


If you’re looking for Christmas decorations on a budget try adding glitter and Mod Podge to some pine cones. Definitely ones for fans of festive sparkle! Tip: leave your pine cones on a warm radiator to encourage them to flower open.


Turn your old lightbulbs into a unique looking bauble for your tree with some Mod Podge and glitter, and a couple of twigs! We added Marabu Fashion Liner to add detail to the snowman but a thick acrylic paint works just as well.


Here’s another idea for a Christmas card. We just love using glitter and Mod Podge! We think the gold on black looks great and had a lot of fun making this one.

Look out for more festive craft ideas on this very blog over the coming weeks…

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