Looking for some foam clay ideas to keep you or your children entertained? Discover how to make a beautiful looking Unicorn using Foam Clay with our step-by-step guide. This clay Unicorn is created using a 3D self-assembly wooden horse jigsaw, which has been assembled, painted white and sprinkled with glitter. It’s then decorated with a mane, tail and a horn all made from Foam Clay.

We would recommend this craft project for adults and children over the age of 7 as there are some small parts involved, as well as a fair bit of glitter! Foam Clay is safe to use and completely non-toxic so is a great foam clay idea for creative children.

What you’ll need for your clay unicorn:


Step 1. Carefully remove the pieces from the 3D horse construction kit sheets.

Step 2. Follow the instructions for the puzzle and assemble the figure.

Step 3. Paint the wooden horse with white paint and sprinkle glitter in the paint whilst it’s wet. Leave to dry.

Step 4. Roll two Foam Clay “sausages” in two different colours, twist them to form a horn and press onto the horse’s forehead – now you have a clay unicorn.

Step 5. Roll several Foam Clay “sausages” in different colours. Press them onto the horse for the mane and tail.

Step 6. Leave to dry and you’re finished. It’s as simple as that!

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