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Our Facebook Competition Winner

Well done to Natalia, one of our Internet customers. Her prize is £50 of products of her choice.

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She said:

I am delighted to win Cowling & Wilcox’s prize. Any money towards art materials is always welcome. I paint heavy impasto abstract paintings and use a lot of Liquitex heavy body paint. My prize shall go towards a few more tubes. I order from the Cowling & Wilcox online store a lot as I find their prices unbeatable and the delivery is always fast and reliable. Please keep doing what you are doing and thank you so much for the prize! 70 POMPOMS!!! – that will be the name of my next painting.

My paintings are inspired by nature and I’d like them to be about visual pleasure. I created each one to remember a pace, a day spent with friends or the way wind moved through the trees. I paint abstract because it allows me to express emotion better. When you remove the storyline or the narrative, the content can be much stronger in terms of emotion.Divorced from language and thus removed from familiar points of reference they invite the viewer to experience freedom and become aware of the moment. Mostly I paint to make friends, to connect with the world and because I love doing it.

Some friends even express their opinions:

“One of the intriguing aspects of Natalia’s work is how a kind of apparent crudeness is so superbly controlled. How the paint is pushed, bunched, stretched – its materiality made evident while the colours both flow serenely and clash vividly and noisily. I love the noise – as well as the music – of the images and the way these are held in balance.”

“…under the veil of abstracted imaginary, her feelings of what she perceives remain guarded and concealed. Her subjective view of the surrounding world is out of sight. The substance of her painting is dense and her imaginary obstinate and unsettled; as such her paintings are open to various interpretations. As some of her titles suggest the works could be inspired by a site, a location, an occasion, a time/space which potentially would be familiar to us all, but she has no desire to send us back there; we are left alone with the inner workings of our own perceptions, feelings and thoughts about the works. If there is anything to be represented in Natalia’s paintings it is precisely the unpresentable nature of the world; her works circle around and avoid many direct encounters, pass over and beyond many perceptual hurdles and search for an identity which can never be found. Confronting a mirror, Natalia’s paintings constantly see themselves in the process of becoming transfigured.”

You can see more of my work at nataliablack.com.

If you would like to leave your opinion you can do so on my Facebook page.

Natalia lives and works in Belfast and Liverpool.

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