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The Best Tablets for Digital Art

Are you a bit of a digital doodler? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned artist who simply wants a better way to create your sketches on the go and step outside of your comfort zone of relying on pencils and charcoals. Lucky for you, there are many digital tablets and pads currently on the market that make for fantastic digital drawing experiences. You’ll also be spoilt for choice when it comes to the best drawing apps available. 

But with so many products saturating the digital tablet market, how can you know which is the best one for you? Read on as we round up the best tablets for digital art. 

1. iPad Air

With impressive battery life and one of the best digital pencils available, the iPad Air from Apple is a solid choice for anyone looking to invest in a tablet for digital drawing. Though a brand-new iPad can come with a hefty price tag, secondhand or refurbished options are available for a lower price. You’re also not going to have any issues finding compatible drawing apps, as the App Store is one of the best-stocked digital app stores out there. 

The iPad Air is also light, making it perfectly compact, without compromising its durability and strength. This is a brilliant choice for people delving into digital art who are serious, as well as students. But for professional digital artists, there could be slightly better options out there. 

Apple iPad air on a blue background with an Apple Pencil

2. iPad Pro

The iPad Pro, while only slightly heftier than the iPad Air (are any of Apple’s products really clunky?), comes with everything the Air has to offer, and more. The majority of newby artists and general users wouldn’t likely be able to tell the difference, but some seasoned digital artists might be more likely to lean towards the Pro. This comes down to display, and the slight differences in areas like brightness, where the Pro comes out on top. Sketchers might also notice that the Apple Pencil performs slightly better with the Pro, but you’d have to be paying very, very close attention. 

Digital drawing on an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and brown leather case.

3. Xencelabs Pen Tablet

The Xencelabs Pen Tablet has gained a fantastic reputation for being a strong option if you’re after an affordable but quality drawing tablet. The overall design of the product means that it is comfortable for the drawing experience, and the slim and compact dimensions make it perfect for slipping into a bag and taking with you to the lab or office. This is a tablet that has been designed with the artist in mind, with everything from the non-slip back and the matte texture to the choice of two pens that comes with the tablet. These pens each offer a different drawing experience and an option to programme your drawing preferences. 

Unlike an iPad, this product is purely for drawing and sketching and doesn’t offer other functionalities. It connects with a computer display to show your drawings, which means it may not work well for you if you like to create on the go. 

Xeneclabs Pen Tablet for drawing and artSource: Xeneclabs 

4. WACOM Pen Tablets

WACOM offers artists and digital designers a variety of tablets for creating their work. Known for being highly intuitive and perfect for drawing. The beauty of WACOM products is that there is something for every budget, meaning that anyone can enjoy a tablet from the company and that as an artist, you can choose which features you need and which you don’t. The difference in features will reflect in the price tag. Products range from £70 to nearly £500. The higher-end products are a solid option for professional artists and digital or graphic designers. 

Similar to Xeneclabs, this is a product that has been designed purely for drawing, unlike an iPad or Android tablet. 

Wacom digital drawing tablet with stylus pen

Source: Wacom

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

If you’re an Android loyalist, there are many options for digital drawing. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus is a solid option and comes with the additional functions of an overall digital tablet (like the iPad). Artists will appreciate the high-quality display and seamless screen displays when working with the stylus. 

The Tab S8 plus also comes in three sizing options and is perfect for working both indoors and out, thanks to the brightness levels. 

Artist drawing on Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

Source: Business Insider

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