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The Daylight Company

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The Daylight Company understands that light is a natural resource often taken for granted. 
After all, the right light in the right place (especially daylight) can have a dramatic, positive effect on performance, efficiency & day-to-day life.

Founded in London in the 1980s with a mission to design high-quality, specialised lighting that provides greater accuracy, ease & comfort to artists, crafters, hobbyists or people with sight loss.

Visible in each lamp is their commitment to 3 guiding principles (light quality, ergonomics & design) paired with an accumulation of over 30 years of experience, knowledge & wisdom.


Example of an LED Bulb

The Technical Stuff

For clarity, all of the products mentioned here feature Daylight LEDs with a 95+ CRI rating.
Okay sure, but what does that actually mean?!
We're glad you asked.

Sure, we’re not rocket scientists (or bulb-builders... bulbers?) ourselves, but please enjoy this short, sweet reference section. 

LED or “Light Emitting Diode”
LED lights are up to 90% more energy efficient & longer lasting than classic incandescent bulbs thanks to their onboard microchips & heat sinks.

CRI or “Colour Rendering Index”
A measurement of how accurately a light source can reproduce the colours of its subject.
Natural daylight has a CRI rating of 100, so any lights of 90 & above are considered excellent for providing both contrast & colour matching.

This is the level of brightness at a particular distance from the light source.
The further from the source, the less the Lux level y'see.


Easel Lamp Go Image

Easel Lamp Go

An ideal companion to any easel thanks to it's large, sturdy clamp & even breaks down for compact transport or storage. 

With its built-in 3-way dimmer switch, you’re able to precisely control the intensity of light to suit your needs at any given time.  Along with this, the incredibly flexible neck allows the shade to be easily positioned, eliminating erroneous shadows & glare. 

Using the included 3m (118”) USB-C cable, you can charge the internal battery for up to 4 hours of consistent, continuous brightness on the move or simply keep it plugged in for uninterrupted use.


Smart Go Lamp Example Image

Smart Go Lamp

Measuring just 12” tall & weighing around 1lb, the elegant, lightweight & aesthetically designed Smart Go Lamp features an unobtrusive outline, providing attractiveness without wasting unnecessary workspace.

Experience accurate colours & contrast whilst enjoying full control of your light intensity, position, angle & more through a combination of the 3-step dimmer & repositionable shade.

Easily charged via the included USB cable & featuring clearly readable battery indicator lights, the Smart Go Lamp produces up to 6.5 hours of continuous, consistent brightness when at full power (or again, alternatively, you can also keep it plugged in for uninterrupted use).


Artist Studio Lamp 2 Image

Artist Studio Lamp 2

Standing at an impressive 1.9m (75”) the floor standing Artist Studio Lamp 2 projects an extraordinary spread of pure daylight ideal for creative endeavours of all kinds including painting, sculpting or photography. 

Prevent multiple shadows & glare whilst maintaining complete control of your lighting thanks to the unique diffuser, fully variable continuous dimmer & adjustable, ergonomically designed 3-way shade. 

The weighted metal legs & non-slip feet guarantee stability, whilst the 3m cable allows for a broad space of free movement.  This means you can keep the Artist Studio Lamp 2 plugged in whilst easily repositioning it as you need.


Wafer Lightbox Image

Wafer Lightbox Range

Only 8mm thick & available in several sizes (A4+, A3+, A2+), Wafer Lightboxes are perfect for all of your tracing needs.

Ultra-bright, light & slim, their even, consistent, edge-to-edge lighting is fully dimmable (and customisable, with a memory function), making them ideal for use with a range of materials, thicknesses & opacities.

Additionally, there's even a useful marking guide included along the edges, displaying measurements in both centimetres & inches.


So, what do you think?
This is just a small sample, so be sure to visit the Daylight Company page for more!

If you have any questions, or want to share what you think, let us know!

Telephone:  01303 290550

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